3 Simple Tests You Can Do At Home To Predict How Long You’ll Live

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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3-simple-tests-you-can-do-at-home-to-predict-how-long-youll-liveScientists and health professionals suggest that everyday activities may indicate your long-term health in a more affordable and convenient way than an MRI scan or a blood test.

These activities seem easy and unimportant, but become more difficult to accomplish as you age.

Completing the following tests will help you assess your current health and predict future health problems.

1. Balance Yourself On One Leg

See how long you can stand on one leg without closing your eyes.

All you need to do is stand up, raise one leg behind you (bent at your knee) and maintain your balance for as long as possible.

Do it twice, timing yourself on each occasion, and calculate your average. 60 seconds or more is an indication of good health. 20 seconds or less may indicate future brain problems.

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In fact, one study (1) found “that imbalance strongly correlates with the presence of tiny lesions, or microbleeds, in the brain, which can be there even when you’re otherwise feeling healthy. Over time these microbleeds can lead to serious issues such as stroke and dementia.” via Forbes

If you score 20 or bellow, it’s a good idea to  consult your doctor and nutritionist to see how you can improve your brain health.