3 Natural Herbs That Will Boost Testosterone

by Amy Morris

2. Tribulus Terrestris

Trib has been used for centuries in traditional medicine in both China and India. Recent studies have shown this herb to boost testosterone in animal studies according to a study published in the journal Phytomedicine in 2008.

Another side effect is it can increase sexual desire, which is often lacking in people with low testosterone levels. Some sources say it can also help with erectile dysfunction and help with sports performance.

This herb is often popular with body builders and those that take part in intense workouts as according to some sources, it can help to improve recovery time, boost protein synthesis, increase energy, improve nitrogen balance and increase workout intensity.

The part of the trib herb that is considered to be the factor responsible for the biological activity is the steroidal saponins contained in this plant, which is where the testosterone producing aspects are meant to come from.

3. Bulbine Natalensis

A herb originally found in South Africa, that has shown many times to in animal studies, increase the levels of testosterone by as much as a whopping 347%. One such animal study was carried out by the University of Ford Hare in South Africa noting that bulbine natalensis was able to increase testosterone levels.

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A human study carried out research on bulbine natalenisis extract, found that the participants that received doses of bulbine natalensis extract of between 25 and 50 mg/kg of body weight had were able to demonstrate that a testosterone boosting effect had been achieved.

Testosterone is vital for both men and women, and it should not be overlooked if you are suffering from a health problem that may have its root cause in a lack of testosterone.

Also, when one hormone is out of balance this can set off other hormonal imbalances so it would be wise to get a full hormone check done just to ensure you know what is causing your specific health problem and can then go forward and treat it accordingly.

Also, what suits one person may not suit another, so always check with your doctor first before trying out any of the above herbs in case they have contra-indications when taken with other medication you may be on already.

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