The 12 Best Natural Supplements For Managing Blood Sugar Levels

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

supplements for diabetes

Struggling to get your blood sugar levels under control and manage your diabetes?

It can be hard to deal with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, but the good news is that the disorders are eminently manageable!

In fact, we’ve got a list of the best supplements for diabetes below.


Note: All of these supplements are natural, but to be on the safe side make sure to consult with your personal physician before adding them to your diet.

The 12 Best Supplements for Diabetes

1. B-Vitamins — Adding a B-complex vitamin supplement to your day can help to reduce diabetic neuropathy (diabetic nerve damage) and help your body to utilize the fats, carbs, and proteins you eat more effectively. Try to focus on Vitamins B6, B12, and biotin.

2. Chromium — Chromium is a trace element that can help your body to regulate blood sugar more effectively. It works with insulin to fill the cells with glucose, and it helps your body know when it needs to stop producing blood sugar.

3. Vitamin C –– Vitamin C isn’t just great for your immune health, but it’s also one of the best supplements for diabetes. It stops sorbitol from accumulating in your kidneys, nerve cells, and eyes.

4. CoQ10– Coenzyme Q10 is a potent antioxidant that is recommended to boost your heart health, and taking it can help to reduce cardiac complications that may arise from diabetes.

5. Vitamin D –– Spend more time in the sun or take a supplement, but get more Vitamin D! This vitamin helps to reduce your risk of bacterial and viral infections, which tend to be more common among diabetics.


6. ALA –– Alpha-lipoic acid is another potent antioxidant that can help your body’s cells absorb glucose more efficiently, as well as stop sugar molecules from binding with protein molecules (hindering proper function). ALA will also boost eye health and reduce your risk of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

7. Vitamin E –– Taking more Vitamin E will protect your nerves and blood vessels from damage, particularly by the free radicals that are accelerated by your diabetes. Some studies have even discovered that taking a lot of Vitamin E can reverse diabetic neuropathy as well as reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and diabetic cataracts.

8. Vanadium –– This is a chemical found in dill, eggs, radishes, and pepper. It basically mimics the effects of insulin in your body, helping to keep your blood glucose levels normal. It’s considered one of the best supplements for diabetes.

9. Purslane –– This is a plant common around the world, and though it’s considered a weed in the U.S., it’s a popular food source in Asia and Europe. The extract of purslane helps to not only increase your sensitivity to insulin, but it can help your body’s cells absorb glucose more efficiently while slowing the transportation of glucose from your intestines into your bloodstream.

10. Berberine –– This supplement targets AMPK, a chemical that regulates your metabolism. AMPK causes your body to absorb more glucose, improves your sensitivity to insulin, and stops your liver from producing too much blood sugar.

11. Gymnema Sylvestre– This supplement is extracted from the leaves of a plant native to India. The leaves are rich in special acids that slow the rate of glucose transportation (from intestines to bloodstream) and helps to balance out blood sugar levels.


12. Magnesium –– Your body needs more magnesium in order to produce energy and protein, but it also helps to decrease your resistance to insulin–the problem causing diabetes in the first place. It can also manage blood sugar levels effectively.

Talk to your doctor about these supplements and see if they can help you manage your blood sugar levels the natural way…

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