This 105-Year-Old Man Just Set a New World Record…This Is His Secret To Longevity.

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

japanese runner

The video you’re about to watch will show you that fitness knows no age. Meet Midekichi Miyazaki, a 105-year-old father of 4 and grandfather of 10. As of September 2015, Miyazaki has set a new world record for completing the 100-meter run in 42.22 seconds.

Miyazaki hasn’t always been a runner. He picked up the sport at age 93 after most of his friends had passed away. Three years later, he competed in the Kyodo Masters track-and-field competition. He’s been unstoppable ever since.

His Secret To Longevity

Although his doctor is concerned that he may be over-exerting himself, Miyazaki is already planning to beat his new record. He told Reuters that his secret to health is exercising every day, eating in moderation and chewing his food properly. Why does Miyazaki push himself so hard? In the end, “It’s all about being in good health”.