10 Insanely Easy DIY Face Scrubs

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Nothing feels better for your face than an occasional deep cleansing. Leaves you feeling refreshed, healthy, and nourished.

When you can look in the mirror and know that your pores are clear and the dead cells are gone, it’s like getting a new face.

Facial scrubs are pricey and many contain chemicals that aren’t particularly healthy. You can spend a great deal of money for someone’s name on a label.


And those microbeads that they put in jars to make it look like bubble tea–what on Earth are they? Those are tiny balls of PLASTIC.

When you rinse your face, the plastic goes down the drain and eventually into the oceans where fish can then eat them. Plastic. Illinois is the first state in the Union to ban use of microbeads in cosmetics. Bravo!

Simple Natural Alternatives

There are natural substances that work way better than plastic and won’t kill a living thing. On top of that, you can make facial scrubs yourself with easily obtainable ingredients, mix and match, save yourself a wad of cash, and even eat them if you get hungry.

Many work better than those you can buy because your body responds more readily to natural products. And when you make them yourself, the ingredients are fresh. Who knows how long that bottle has been sitting on the shelf in the supermarket or salon?

How often you exfoliate your face depends on your skin type; once a week is a good starting point and you can see how your skin looks and feels. You should use a scrub at night (don’t forget your neck!) and don’t put anything on your face afterward.

Body scrubs are too abrasive for your face–you can use a facial scrub on your body, but not the other way around. It’s a good idea to test any new mixture on the back of your hand or on the inside of your elbow before applying to your face to make sure there’s no sensitivity.


Here are some recipes for healthy, glowing skin that are good for you and the fishies.

1. Baking Soda and Mineral Water

Baking Soda and Mineral Water

Great for sensitive skin, the alkalinity of baking soda balances skin, its gentle abrasives exfoliate, and minerals add nourishment.

  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • Small amount of mineral water, enough to form a paste

Mix thoroughly and massage into skin. Rinse well with cool water.