10 Herbs and Spices With Amazing Health Benefits (Food Is So Much Tastier With These!)

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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7. Red Clover

red clover


Not many people think of red clover as a medicinal herb, more as a weed on the lawn. This pretty, fragrant flower contains phytoestrogens–plant chemicals that act like animal estrogen.

Some studies suggest that the flowers of this plant may reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes in menopausal women and others suggest it can protect against post-menopausal osteoporosis.[3]

8. Rosemary



Rosemary is a savory herb that has been shown to improve memory after inhalation.[4] When taken internally, it stimulates the central nervous system, promoting blood flow.[5]

Studies have shown that rosemary stimulates hair growth when massaged into the scalp and neutralizes food-borne pathogens, preventing food poisoning.

9. Thyme


Nutritious with vitamins A and K along with minerals calcium, iron, and manganese, plus beneficial antioxidant phytochemicals, thyme shows a wealth of health benefits: controls blood pressure, cures acne, cures cold, aids digestion, and kills colon and breast cancer cells.


It’s a low-growing plant with tiny leaves that you can add to foods for a delicious health boost.

10. Turmeric


Turmeric is the master anti-inflammatory and antioxidant (number four on the ORAC list, if you’re keeping count).


It’s more effective than Prozac to treat depression, protects skin from UVB radiation, prevents cardiovascular disease, regulates blood sugar, and prevents cancer.

It has a slightly acidic flavor and you can sprinkle it on just about anything to reap its benefits.

Try some golden milk in which turmeric teams up with ginger and black pepper for a delicious and ridiculously healthy and soothing hot cup of yum.


Bon appétit!