According to Scientists, This is The Most Relaxing Tune Ever Recorded

According to Scientists, This is The Most Relaxing Tune Ever Recorded

This eight minute song is a beautiful combination of arranged harmonies, rhythms and bass lines and thus helps to slow the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower levels of the stress. The song features guitar, piano and electronic samples of natural soundscapes.

A study was conducted on 40 women, who were connected to sensors and had been given challenging puzzles to complete against the clock in order to induce a level of stress. Different songs were then played, to test their heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and brain activity.

The results showed that the song Weightless was 11 per cent more relaxing than any other song and even caused drowsiness among women in the lab. 

It induced a 65 per cent reduction in overall anxiety and brought them to a level 35 per cent lower than their usual resting rates. 

Moreover, sound therapies have been used for thousands of years to help people relax and improve health and well-being. Among indigenous cultures, music has been the heart of healing and worship. The song, weightless is ideal for unwinding and putting an end to a stressful day.

According to Dr David Lewis-Hodgson, from Mindlab International, which conducted the research, this song induced the greatest relaxation, higher than any other music tested till date. In accordance to the Brain imaging studies, music works at a very deep level within the brain, stimulating not only those regions responsible for processing sound but also ones associated with emotions. The song Weightless can make one drowsy and hence should not be heard while driving.

Richard Talbot, from Marconi Union, was fascinated to work with a therapist to learn how and why certain sounds affect people’s mood. Though he always knew the power of music, they had previously written songs using only their gut feeling.

The Top 10 Most Relaxing Tunes:

1. Marconi Union – Weightless 

2. Airstream – Electra 

3. DJ Shah – Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix) 

4. Enya – Watermark 

5. Coldplay – Strawberry Swing 

6. Barcelona – Please Don’t Go

7. All Saints – Pure Shores 

8. Adele – Someone Like You 

9. Mozart – Canzonetta Sull’aria 

10. Cafe Del Mar – We Can Fly

According to Lyz Cooper, founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy, the song has been created using various scientific theories and make use of musical principles that are known to have individually calming effects. Hence these elements have been combined together by Marconi Union to make the perfect relaxing song ever.

The song comprises of a sustaining rhythm that starts at 60 beats per minute and gradually slows to around 50. Thus, while listening to the song, your heartbeat automatically comes to match that beat. She even adds that it is necessary for the song to be eight minutes long because it takes about five minutes for entertainment to occur. The gaps between the notes have been chosen to create a feeling of euphoria and comfort.

In addition, there are no repetitive melodies in the song which allows one’s brain to completely switch off since one is no longer trying to predict what is next. The random chimes in the song help induce a deeper sense of relaxation and the final element in the song is the low, whooshing sounds and hums, those like the Buddhist chants.


  • Ian Elliott

    I don’t think one could call it a tune exactly, but the steady heartbeat in the background no doubt explains its relaxing effect on the small fry.

  • pin29k

    I found the noise (its not a “song” or even a tune ) irritating

    • marta

      so did I thank you!

    • Bbethany7

      Johann Pachelbel composed this canon in October 1694, reputedly for J.S.
      Bach’s wedding. The manuscript had been lost until 1919 when Gustav Beckmann found it in a German music library. The first recording was by Arthur Fiedler in 1940. It’s depressing to read comments in this thread. Although there are many better recordings of the Canon, this one is marginally acceptable. pin29k’s astounding sentence is typical of many comments in this thread, an example of inexplicable willful ignorance. The Canon was used by Robert Redford in 1980 in his award-winning film, Ordinary People. The best way to hear it is in a dimly lit room without the overly sentimental photos. Not needed.

      • Roger_Morgan

        You may be replying to a comment about the wrong piece of music? The comments seem to have been reordered. pin29k was obviously referring to the “Weightless” clip originally accompanying the article, not the delightful recording of thr Pachelbel canon posted in the comment by Don de Dios.

      • Marlene Rein

        ooh boy! I wished it was the Canon… but it is not my dear… It’s just a piece of noise called “Weightless”, which had to be renamed as “Worthless” LOL LOL

        • FemininePhysique

          Worthless just like your opinion?

    • FemininePhysique

      I find you irritating.

      • binkyboo

        I just love all these comments. Music to my ears. Isn’t music mathematical? I failed math at school. but I know what I like!
        To each his/her own.

    • Boiled Anus

      I discovered it is best listened to when operating a jackhammer.
      Or when being chased by a swarm of hornets. Very relaxing.

  • Bruno

    Really? Mike Tyson’s entrance music in to the ring used to start of with a 2 or 3 bars of similar type of music….good luck to you if you can sleep, or day dream whilst listenring to this…

  • David

    Where’s the drop?

    • sparky086

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      working part-time at home. recommended you read J­a­m­2­0­.­ℂ­o­m

      • CRSHBRLN

        Go headbutt a knife.

    • bobby

      you sir are a legend

    • Alekss Iskanderovs

      the only thing that drops is stress <3

  • colony14author

    It ain’t SInatra, that’s for sure.

  • Puchinpappy

    It might put you to sleep because of its incredible boredom.

  • penguinstorm

    How is this not a Bon Iver song?

  • CrankyFranky

    the ‘father of neuromarketing’ tells us this is the most whatever – sorry – I’m not buying what he’s selling …

    and I think you’ve offended us musicians by calling it a tune (or song – um – usually involving human voice last time I looked?)

    • Manda

      um what about instrumental stuff? or music that Beethoven and Bach used to make – Did it not omit vocals? Yet they are still songs and tunes :) 😉

      • IgorTerrible

        At best this is a synthetic soundscape accompaniment, much like an electronic tampura, or the backing for any number of (IMO more interesting AND relaxing) electronic Chillout tracks (e.g. Ministry of Sound). I imagine every individual needs a balance between stimulation and familiarity, the problem with ‘one chord’ meditation/relaxation tracks is they quickly get very old for those that need some harmonic movement to keep their attention…. it is a pleasant track, but it is hardly more ‘music’ than the sound of the sea.

  • thathang3

    what kind of music do you make? Can I listen to it? Love to hear if your music is insulting to me as well, or beautiful.

    • Bbethany7

      Rosanne is tone deaf. Leave the child alone.

  • Mia Gordon

    Sounds very very relaxing :)

  • malatesta

    I hear “impending” from start to finish. Sixths are more harmonic, euponic

  • Blasthoff

    You’ve got to be kidding me. The constant monotonic drone at the core is mindless and irritating to the point of bringing on a headache. It’s sort of like listening to wind chimes (OK) over a constant whirr of an electric motor that can’t be drowned out. The only thing “relaxing” is in the silence after it stops. Seriously!

    • John Morton

      I think you’re about 30 years off with your very simplistic over categorization of this music genre.

      • Blasthoff

        My “critic” was that for the example given. While it is true that not “all” of the genre is that bad, much of it is. If you think about it, the reason I know enough to comment is because I was attracted to a few examples that sparked my interest. I have listened to radio programs that feature the genre out of interest and far too often, not always, the examples I’ve listened to left me “strained”. It is true that no comment can be absolute for an entire “genre” and I didn’t mean it to be. However, with the example in the article, I found it to be particularly “grating”.

  • Heinz Dietmar Aßenmacher

    Seem this music made you aggressive though

  • jvalenciae

    I’ll stay with Sycamore by Caspian.

  • niki

    The ignorant need distractions, not being PRESENT! I found it calming.

  • Geraldine Snyder

    wow liked the holiday sunset maybe more than the music ?

  • RödeOrm

    Goddammit people, this is a music style, it’s called ambient – if it makes you THAT bored clearly your senses are not fine enough to process this, and you can stick to shallow glossy glam-pop

    • Guest

      as far as I’m concerned I like classical music, justin timberlake, punk rock, dubstep, metalcore, deathcore and death metal. and this is boring my f****g butt off

      • Bbethany7

        You like classical music. Pachelbel’s Canon is classical music of a high order.

        • luzzjl524

          my Aunty Kaylee
          recently got silver Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Coupe by working from a macbook
          air… he said B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

    • Morgan G. Lindstrøm

      Yes. I got THAT bored. And it is NOT because my “senses are not fine enough to process this”. My senses were more fine-tuned than the average from birth – which is scientifically documented. That’s why I’m a musican. And as a musican – with fine-tuned senses – I will say that this piece cannot be defined as MUSIC at all.

      • Ugo Crazy

        meh some folks think that because the song doesn’t have a 4/4 beat it’s not music… but then who cares what the “authority” calls music.

      • Teh BuG

        K that song is pretty good, but when i read “My senses were more fine-tuned than the average from birth – which is scientifically documented. That’s why I’m a musican.” (by the way, MUSICIAN.) what i read is “Im just another Internet user talking out my ass, then giving myself some special insight to make my personal beliefs/claims seem more cerdible.”

      • hugh jass

        you fool, this is trance not ambient, obviously you are a fool, pretending to like fashion music, get a life :)

      • FemininePhysique

        You mean scientists actually performed tests on you? Please go into more detail.

      • bohemiangirl

        While that song you posted has more musical elements (vocals, a beat), you can’t say the one discussed in the article is “not music at all”. Besides, the article is not about the musical merits of the song but about how relaxing their experiments showed it to be. No one can argue that it wasn’t relaxing. Also, as a musician with fine-tuned senses, you should have been able to pick up the musical elements that were in it.

      • Doctor Nick

        Dude the doctors slaps your ass and you cry
        That about the extent your senses at birth

    • OSW

      So this is how a highly evolved person with fine senses expresses an opinion! I had wondered, Goddammit!

    • William

      Don’t blame God sir.

      • Phantus

        It’s a phrase friend. Get over it. What god do you believe in anyways? Who’s your friend below, bhaack telling others they’re uptight and then goes on to preach manners. I smell the filth of religion on you both. Leave now.

    • bhaack

      You seem pretty uptight to me. You back and listen to that tune again. And learn some manners while you’re at it.

    • binkyboo

      How rude and judgemental.

    • dgrb

      And there are people who don’t listen to “shallow glossy glam-pop” who still find this unutterably tedious.

      Give me *real* minimalism – Riley, Reich, Young, Bryars – any day over this.

  • IgorTerrible

    Pleasant enough soundscape but ‘The Most Relaxing Tune Ever Recorded’ is rather a grand statement, it sounds more like a drone from an electronic tampura, and which one of the Bach Cello Suites was used in the research, may we see the results?

  • IgorTerrible

    It is not ignorant to have a preference in musical taste, as for ‘most people’ (there are currently around 7 million people on the planet), the study was conducted with only 40 women. BTW, Not everyone appreciates synthetic sounds, scientifically creted or not.

    • Don de Dios

      7 billion

      • IgorTerrible

        Ooops, cheers..

  • Jgal

    Ummm….so this is it? I was expecting a tingling sensation in my brain or for some sort of physiological response. Instead, I just felt really, really bored.

  • G.Walker Bush

    Meh!!! Enya is much more relaxing,

  • G.Walker Bush

    Yeah, it sounds like your stress levels are way down.

  • IgorTerrible

    It is not ignorant to have a preference in musical taste, as for ‘most people’ (there are currently around 7 billion people on the planet), the study was conducted with only 40 women. BTW, Not everyone appreciates synthetic sounds, scientifically created or not.

  • Ann

    I’ve heard more relaxing tones. And the heart beat in the background distracts me. Its like I feel it in my throat

  • Anne M

    people interested in this might want to check out ASMR on youtube…

  • Talleyrand

    What staggering nonsense.

  • Ash

    “Different songs were then played”. What songs, how many? This is bad science.

  • dector

    noise is not music

    • Bbethany7

      I like Gary Oldman, as Sid Vicious, singing the U.S. Nathional anthem in Sid and Nancy.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Hello. After 8-1/4 minutes of being bored to death I am still wide awake.

  • Mickey Oberman

    The sound of waves lapping gently on the shore is far more relaxing and does not annoy.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Much, much better.
    It doesn’t put me to sleep though. It makes me want more.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Yes. You do, indeed, sound stressed.

  • Clover

    Does anyone know where I can get the sheet music for this?

  • Martin

    Sounds music tunes songs guitar sting woodwind brass etc. lots of religions dating back millennia knew the value of sounds and the effects there of. Gregorian Chants, Latin prayer. Hymns Islamic imams call to prayer all noise all soothing to their followers Not all involved instruments just vocals cords. They were taught and followed for a reason, soothing to hear to do alone in groups. It gave a calming effect. Even in ancient times people suffered from stress and stressful situations. Church/religion offered solitude or human inter action a place of tranquility and a periodic gathering to view inter-actions. Religious leaders studied the effects and could gather information to help those that had slight stress to excess stress, illnesses etc This was what religions provided calm insight Assisstance to a trained eye.
    As far as arguing this is not an instrument or it’s electronics it’s not this not that. You’re missing the purpose by clouding your minds with undefined definitions.
    Define the difference of music sound song tune rhythms chords and you’ll notice they all have a common trait. Don’t compare heavy metal to Bach or synthesizers to a given instrument the effects all have the same things in common. To affect mood(s).
    Stimulate or sooth. The first string instrument had one string one note the aboriginals had a single piece of wood you blew in to create a note singular. All for beginning to present served their purpose to affect mood. From elaborate to combinations to singular one tone or note.
    Need more or less it’s all there for each individual from chaos to calm. Take your pick. Personally the sound of slow rain on a metal roof and I’ll sleep like a baby.
    Good night all. I feel rain in the air.

  • Cassandra Lee

    Soil Festivities is an absolute masterpiece! One of my favorites!

  • Cassandra Lee

    This is a nice soundscape. I would like to know what other pieces were used during this experiment and why they chose to examine the reactions of only women. The most irritating thing that I have read in the comments is the supposition that “classical music is more relaxing.” There is a great deal of classical music that is upsetting beyond words, but I suppose that since the most common denominator when referenced in this forum is the “Canon in D Major,” composed by Pachelbel, the realm of study is very narrow.

    I would also be interested to know how many people have listened to this track without doing any investigation to the background of the company responsible for it. Would you find it troubling that they feature a database of articles with titles like, “Atmospherics and the Modern Shopper” or “Neuromarketing at Mindlab International?” Perhaps there is another reason for the publicity behind this article! I’m not a conspiracy theorist per se, but I do like to know what and whom I invite into my grey matter.

  • AesopsRetreat_Com

    I love Classical, this is a horrible mishmash of sounds in a nonsensical arrangement.

  • anton o’faolin


  • Banan

    I don’t get you people that think this music or “sound” is annoying and awful, I really like it and I think it is quite relaxing!

  • Molly

    who were these women? what culture were they from? this seems a ridiculous test and result and I would like the writer to quantify in whose world those statistics mean anything.

  • Jeff Stone Stone

    Look at all the angry-music fascists, telling everyone what music should be. That’s your opinion, not a fact. Where’s the screaming guitars? Where’s the casual misogyny or misandry? Where’s the synthetic angst or fake nihilism to tell us how to feel? You’re not God. Don’t you dare try to tell me what music ought to sound like.

  • ksoileau

    So no need to test the music on men? After all, only women count, right? Men are just sperm donors and walking ATMs for the benefit of women…

  • Bbethany7

    pin29k is a hopelessly lost dear little boy.

  • Bbethany7

    Conrad doesn’t live near a piano factory, or a cross town street
    in New York at rush hour. Nor has he ever been around a bunch of teen-age girls shrieking and howling as if the end of time had come.

  • Bbethany7

    Do you bang garbage can lids in the stage show, Stomp?

  • Roger_Morgan

    It isn’t a song.
    The underlying rythmic thumping noise probably reminds some people (“at a very deep level within the brain”, of course) of a lot of the third-rate music they usually listen to, and hence makes them feel comfortable.
    I just find it irritating.

  • Roger_Morgan

    Thank you, Don. Whether it’s “the most…” is arguable, but it is beautiful, relaxing, soothing, stress-releasing music. Hearing it again makes me realize that life is too short to spend any of it listening to stuff like “Weightless”.

  • Jon Low

    You ought to have been a musician able to write this in 1693 instead of 2013, and then we’d all be listening to your brilliance 320 years later, perhaps? You’d have beaten Pachelbel by a whole year and condemned him to obscurity.

  • Jade

    Didn’t make me relaxed – gave me a headache. It’s called ambiente because it doesn’t need “processing” – it’s just background noise.

  • None

    actually i’m getting a headache.
    are you sure this is the right tune?

  • Miriam Hamsa

    They are kidding, right? It is totally irritating.

  • janlog

    I have had a number of surgeries over the years and for a period the hospital stopped doing pre-meds so no valium while I waited. So, I made my own tape which included Vaughan Williams mostly – Lark Ascending, Thomas Tallis and Greensleeves. They seem to instantly slow down my breathing. The only problem I have now is that I associate them very strongly with hospitals and surgery!

  • erica

    Agreed. For me, this is one of the most calming and inspirational pieces of music on the planet. Each and every note–whether played as part of the melody or the harmony–is delightful. This work embodies pure joy. Thank you for posting.

  • Jon Simon

    Nope. I HATE the low frequency bass drum sound which goes right through me. If it was removed it may have a better effect on me.

  • myke

    to be identifiable as music, it needs to have consistent patterns of some sort as well as keep time.

    • J

      This does keep time, its just not identifiable by percussion. If you actually listen though, you can quite obviously hear its keeping a regular time.

      “Consistent pattern” is a bit of a mine field. Consistent for what? 8 bars? 32 bars? 1 bar? But even so there are plenty of consistent patterns in this song (the bass, for one, if you’re lost), if you give it the time of day to actually listen to it with its intended affect in mind, rather than as “the best” of anything.

  • Ed Ruthazer

    I find this song infuriating. It lingers, hovers but never releases. It is like holding your breath under water and forgetting to breathe. NOT relaxing.

  • Morgan G. Lindstrøm

    Mostr boring tune I EVER heard…

  • Himanshu Vora

    Didn’t find relaxing.

  • Caitlin McCloskey

    How interesting (the comments). I never knew what the general population thought about this kind of music. It is exceedingly negative. I am surprised. As to the study, i wonder what/how many other pieces of music were used. It seems like it would have to be an extensive study. I’m thinking there are a lot of equally relaxing sounds out there in the world. But you could never get around to thoroughly studying all of it.

  • Marlene Rein

    Morgan G. Lindstrøm – you said it all. I agree with you and I make your words mine. If this is music, Lady Gaga also makes music… God help us! the world is not only sick but deaf!!!

  • Tobias Buch

    What? A group of 40 women hearing how many songs? You call that scientifically proven? Not only is the group not representative it is also way too small to reliably prove anything.

    • puney

      I gathered 459 million scientists in the Grand Canyon one evening in secret. I bellowed Canon in D across the mighty canyon using only a 12 pack of brewskis and my giant burps. The resultant cacophony of astonishment filled the evening with roars of amazement by the soul stirred mass. Stealthily we all dispersed and went about our lives. Little did we realize the roar of astonishment actually caused a delayed solar flare to erupt today.
      I bet tonight’s Northern Lights will be amazing.

  • Ran1976

    Apocalyptica’s cover of Unforgiven is pretty relaxing

  • hommedespoir


  • BeachN

    I dissagree. The fact that one note is carried for such a long time is nothing but irritating..

  • Jeff Morrison

    This is a load. Where is the scientific paper to prove their assertion? What were the other songs? What was the age of the women? Why was it only women who were tested? This is a lie to sell some laid back mush that your attention span won’t hear after the first 20 seconds and you may play once or twice if you’re stupid enough to buy it.
    I guess because it’s no the internet it must be true.

  • daniela

    this might be the MOST relaxing tune ever (which i highly doubt) but it doesn’t work for me

  • Lakeg

    Pretty small sample (40) if you ask me!

  • Tård Øksnes

    This was too bland to do anything for me.

  • Sam Huston

    I found the song to be very annoying.

  • theguy126

    Let me start by staying I am with you in being against avant-garde “dadaism”…

    However, if you think sound must have “a beat, a rhythm, a measure and a time” to be called music, you’ve just dismissed quite a large portion of the world’s greatest film and video game music ever made, and are quite a narrow-minded individual indeed.

  • theguy126

    As a musician, I call bs on your assertion that harmonic and melodic theory are not present in the song, or even that you could make similar-styled music of comparable quality. You would probably fail miserably. And seeing that you called it simply an A minor chord, you clearly failed to hear the 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths. Not to mention, a lot of great music today is made without any melodies at all.

    Music is organized/meaningful sound; music is NOT what you hard-headed snobs pigeonhole-define it to be.

  • Cameron

    I call your song and raise you Summer Haze by Shapeshifter!

  • iriscutforth

    Pitch does not define music. MOOD defines music, thus, you will have people pick a song to suit their moods and what turns them on or relaxes them. Someone with certain hearing problems may prefer a certain pitch. These are the ones that will demand that their wives speak in softer tones but the majority of people prefer loud or modestly loud.

  • iriscutforth

    I don’t find this relaxing…it is too busy and the pitch is too, too high and too much organ. It is like listening to someone that is speaking non stop. I find music with bird sound relaxing cause there is a break. If this relaxed women…they must have been part hypnosis. It’s like church bells ringing over and over again. I think a flute by itself periodically may have been present. How many songs have I composed? Possibly 500…classical, jazz, pop, etc. Maybe it is an age thing…I want quiet…HUSH

  • FemininePhysique

    I find you to be obnoxious noise as well.

  • FemininePhysique

    The thing about beat, rhythm, measure, and time is that there’s more variety than just 4/4. This piece has it all as well, you just don’t have the discernible ear nor the talent to recognize it.

  • Chris Köölle

    I listende to both tracks at once. I was in a hurry to relax. Didn’t work.

  • tat

    I’m back in the womb!

  • Poppy

    You can argue about whether it is music or not, it doesnt really matter. The test was that when compared to other music/sound/songs played in the study this was shown to be the most relaxing on the test subjects. That’s it. They werent arguing the mertis of what does or does not constitute some definition of music. As one who suffers a nightmarish (not pun intended) sleep disorder I found this music very relaxing. And I will try just about anything that is legal that might help me slip into the land of nod. I’m glad I wandered into this arena. It doesn’t say but if the purpose of the study was to determine what music (yes to me it is music ) is most relaxing, it is not surprising that heavy metal or other styles didnt get a mention.

  • TedHewlett

    –Wishing you lasting comfort from God

  • Angry Gherkin

    Just bought the song. If it relaxes my 2yo before bed time it will be the best $0.99 I ever spent……. where does she find the damn energy from??

    • puney

      From the core of the sun.

  • dee

    the song that relaxes me the most is albatross by fleetwood mac :)

    • Anon

      Good call on that song, it is a gorgeous tune!

  • Nate Chrysler

    Enigma and Vangelis… you have good taste, IMO. Have you watched the movie Blade Runner? Vangelis’ music turns a great movie into a work of art!

  • catherine maneker

    Reminds me of stoned hippies in the 60s pretending they were important and their views of life should be admired. In other words……self indulgant…….

  • Aaron

    40 women is far too small a number of people. Additionally how many other songs did they test and what types of songs were they? This is ridiculous. I call shenanigans

    • puney

      They tested 4375 other songs. And they were all Tantric Chants.
      Unfortunately it caused the inverse polar eclipse of the Third Egyptian Pharaoh.

  • a

    The word should be “credible,” not “incredible.”

  • macdundas

    2nd last par: entrainment, not entertainment. effective tune 😉

  • DrCaligari

    This IS music, but it’s not a tune (that implies a melody) or a song (that implies a singer). It could be used as accompaniment, though, or perhaps underscoring.

    • GEAH

      Is Telstar by The Tornados not a song?

      • DrCaligari

        Tehnically no, unless it’s got a lyric and is filtered through the voice. It’s a great piece of instrumental music, though, with a good, solid tune.

        • GEAH

          I didn’t know that. Thanks!!!

  • carlos ortiz

    fuck outta here

  • Rick Smith

    The bassline is extremely annoying.
    This isn’t music, this is noise.

  • JMJ

    It’s the heartbeat in the background that makes it soothing.

  • Elaine Duddy

    A nice post – your openness is refreshing..the canon is kind of melancholic but uplifting – its fantastic that it had such a great affect on your life…good wishes!

  • GEAH

    This makes me want to throw my monitor through the window.

  • Terje Gustavson

    Bah. Humbug.
    “Deep Blue Day” .. Enough said.

  • twiterbee

    I find it irritating

  • 912er

    I think I’ll stick with Jackie Evancho version of “Dark Waltz”.

  • chairde

    I find it to be annoying. If I was forced to listen to this I would become suicidal.

  • Christy Griggs

    I find it horribly grating. I couldn’t make myself listen anymore after 1:29. It set my teeth on edge and it gave me a horrendous headache. I can’t believe anyone finds that cacophony relaxing.

  • Eloy89

    What I just listened to, is not what I would call relaxing. I would call it…., not sure what I would call it. For me, classical music is the following; Sarah Brightman (including, more so…, especially her covers), Narada Decade, Andrea Bocelli, Enya, Enigma, and a few others. This? Not so much.

  • Keith Schiffner

    Nope, I find most anything by Tangerine Dream more relaxing than this…so does my wife and my kids. And the dogs and the parrots.

  • Thérèse

    Dreadful. As said below, that’s not music.

  • Anon

    I liked it and found it very relaxing, but I, like you had an open enough mind to listen to it all the way through without pre judging it. I don’t think most of the com mentors bothered to listen to it.

  • Prometey Bezkrilov

    The sound is really annoying. There is much better music in Chill-out collection on youtube.

  • Kate Kelly

    Well, it was studied by professionals. But they can’t really say “most relaxing song of all time.” It’s the most relaxing music that they tested among those 40 people. Usually the minimum amount if participants for a study is 100. And I’m sure they only had time to test a minute amount of music, relatively speaking.
    That being said, everyone is different and find different things relaxing– so all the arguing in this comments section is pretty pointless! Listen to whatever relaxes you! This is just an interesting study, and hopefully some people found it helpful :)

  • MJwrabbit

    Beautiful…just beautiful.

  • Cattrack

    Yes, I found it relaxing, soothing, and kind of transcendental, and inspirational. It has a precise quality to it. The sound, music, or whatever you want to call it has nice changes in it, but has integrity throughout, and from the beginning you know that you can trust that, and just lie back and allow it to soothe you, and take you with it.

  • margamoo

    I think the sounds of ocean waves are more soothing than this.

  • rht1943

    It doesn’t do a thing for me. Nature is far much better. Even Zamphura.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I see I must sign in before they will allow a negative response.
    OKAY. WHOOPEE! It’s great. Wonderful. Heavenly.
    But what a relief that that monotonous, dull, boring 8 minutes of “music” is over.
    I am now as relaxed as a kangaroo’s hind legs.
    I guess this letter will be deleted as it does not fit DHP’s concept of free speech.
    Brahm’s ‘Lullaby’ is relaxing. Beethoven’s 5th Symphony . . . _ is relaxing by comparison. The Grand March from Aida can lull me to sleep. But this???
    It has almost the same result as scratching your ‘educated’ fingernails on a blackboard.

    Mickey Oberman

    • binkyboo

      I have to agree. It made me anxious waiting for the “Intro ” to end etc. Guess I’m a music plebe.

    • Rod Moore

      TheEndTrend did say it was relaxing “(some would say relaxing)”. Her/His point is that, this is not a TONE. It is in the genre of Ambient. Which is under New Age. Yes, some (lot) of people hate New Age. So your Reply Mickey Oberman has nothing to do with TheEndTrend comment.
      Yes, your point is correct.

      • Mickey Oberman

        I don’t know what New Age is.
        I am prepared to hate it with a passion if I find out.

        Objectively yours,

    • Kelly

      You need to educate yourself. Full stop. Shut up about Beethoven’s symphony. You are drawing on tunes that were composed for a different intent and from a completely different era than this particular piece. Why you would post your stupidity for everyone to see amazes me.

  • Boiled Anus

    He meant to say “cordable” as in he was still attached to the umbilical cord. Since the person was talking out of his ass he most likely was still attached nearby…hence cordable.

  • Boiled Anus

    Why? What have you been doing?

    • bweep

      That’s the beach where he dumped the body.

  • Boiled Anus

    Try it again. Only this time drink 2 pots of coffee first. It’ll relax you to no end.

  • Schvenn

    What kind of marshmallows?

    • OBKB

      I just almost died lol!

  • Schvenn

    I find the sound of 43 750HP cars driving 180+ MPH around an oval 300+ times much more relaxing than this. I usually fall asleep an hour into it and don’t wake up until a half hour before it’s done.

  • Ohbewan

    Why do people carry on referring to this as a “song”? This is a tune! A song has something to do with singing. It’s a vocal piece of music. I have not heard any vocals in this tune.

    • Joe_Spoke_2

      My thoughts exactly!

  • rebirthofcool


  • Charles_Miller

    Scientists obviously have difficulty distinguishing “relaxing” from “boring”…

  • yvo84

    This would be great for meditation or during energy healing.

  • Vicki

    demonstrates why most scientists aren’t musicians.

  • y0

    “Scientists” proclaim this “the most relaxing tune ever recorded”: really? If they’re comparing it to all other tunes ever recorded, they can’t possibly be finished. And those poor 40 women, connected to sensors the whole time. They’re not testing men at all?
    The title is ridiculous, in many ways.

    But it’s a pleasant ambient track, if that’s not redundant. “According to Scientists, This is The Nicest Tune Ever Recorded”.

  • Desa

    It didn’t relax me. It kept getting stronger and pissed me off. I had to shut it down!

  • José Rafael Solis Corps

    This is terrible, not because it’s not music, or a tune, or boring, but because it seems more like an advertising for this piece of music. First, why only 40 people and ALL women? Second, which other songs did they try? They mysteriously decided to omit that info. Did they use metal songs? I mean, seriously, there’s no data. Thirdly is NOT a SONG, because no one SINGS!

  • Anita Johnston

    If a mud puddle could be converted to sound, this would be it. There is NO TUNE here and the Emporer was naked!

  • bgrigg

    Most relaxing to women. I hated it. Sounded like a heartbeat laid over really bad prog rock.

  • puney

    Please decipher what you stuttered.

  • WagTheDawg

    We’ve all been had.

  • Nikola Katardjiev

    40 women? Why only one gender? Why such a small sample space?

  • Liz

    What the heck did I just read? LOL

  • Charles R. Kaiser

    I didn’t find this relaxing at all. In fact it set my teeth on edge.

  • Zeliha Caluk

    Weird doesn’t work with me maybe because it’s only melody…
    There are slow song I listen from I group I really like since a long time ago and those songs really help me relax even fall asleep in like 1-2 minutes.
    But from this I got a headache (don’t know why :/)
    but music is still music so it’s not that I find this 8 minute video less from what I listen or something like that just saying my opinion…. (just saying because I really don’t want to start a whole coversation with people who just give negative comments etc… X.X)

  • Merv Nash

    This kind of garbage gives science a bad name. 30 seconds turned me off . Yuk!

  • Simon

    Does anyone have the chords to this song?

  • binkyboo

    What order were the Nuns!? Gotta watch those little muthers (superior you know)

    • puney

      They were alphabetical.
      The worst.

  • Mickey Oberman

    So are you telling me that you have discovered the song is a superior enema?
    Dare I try it?

  • Sister Abigail

    Doesn’t beat Wings – Jet

  • Sheila

    40 very exhausted women studied? I found it irritating.

  • Jackie Varner

    Lol rite..

  • flint2

    Tangerine Dream has an amazing live album, and I listen to “Dream Sequence” a lot. Kudos for the mention.I love folks who stumble on to something 40 years old and call it new. Guess it’s new to them.

  • amadeus


  • David

    I´m sorry…I listen to Mozart, Brahms, even Enja…they can be relaxing. But this with the heart-beat behind it made me nervous…and even agressive…When it stopped…it WAS relaxing to know that it was over.

  • Haydn Hamilton

    well those scientists have been smoking all their mother pantys!

    • Abu Nudnik

      That would be spelled “panties.”

  • disqus_KqNSQc3hQe

    As one who experiences great difficulty getting to sleep, would you mind telling me what the music is specifically. Thank you

  • disqus_KqNSQc3hQe

    What utterly strange comments. I thought the piece was about a scientific study that proved this specific musical arrangement of sounds (ambient, tune, tone, and the size of the author’s mind all irrelevant) to be the most relaxing? Did I miss something. Lastly, I’m apparently the only person that actually felt relaxation as opposed to the overwhelming anxiety it provoked in the majority of people commenting.

  • Abu Nudnik


  • Abu Nudnik

    boring. Being gored by a boar would be a boaring.

  • Abu Nudnik

    Yup. I doubt they did that! Payola?

  • Abu Nudnik

    Repetitive and annoying. Did they test “Slumber My Darling?” How many songs were tested?

  • Principessa

    I don’t really like it. It’s certainly not relaxing to me, I actually find it rather annoying. Shut it off after 2 minutes, that’s all I could take.

  • Warren Fox

    Boring and that intro made me tense, I was just hoping it would end. Not relaxing at all!. Try some Vangelis

    • Daniel

      memories of green : )

  • Halfdan Byrnesveen

    I just find this tune anoying…

  • mb133

    1 minute in I killed the cats, and then went out and drove my car full speed into a daycare.

  • Outjie Vannie Flats

    glo, dit klink soos k@k

  • Natty Dread

    How did they select those 40 drowsy women for the test?

    I’m willing to wager that they must all have come out of the wellness corner where this music for healing is common fare. I doubt that a random sample of people from very different backgrounds would unanimously conclude that this is “the most relaxing tune ever”.

    At 6:30 now and feel the beginnings of a dull headache.

  • Natty Dread

    Hahahahahahahaha! I take it you didn’t like this tune?

  • Adele Redfern

    It made me relaxed and sleepy so it worked for me and will for those who just want sometime out. We can need and use different types of sounds at different times and if it works for you then great, if not, just accept that it helps others.

  • the axeman

    This tune makes me want to punch somebody.

  • Troy Babin

    And this is why scientist don’t sell many tracks records/ cd’s ….whatever!!! Please just do the research and leave the selling to the salesman and the records to the recording artist.

  • Mickey Oberman

    In all fairness I had to give it a chance.
    I did.
    I regret having done so.
    There are much more pleasant ways to get a headache.

    • Erowid


  • Mickey Oberman

    Discus you must be one of those superior academics who know a little bit about a lot of things but nothing that matters very much.

  • Joshua Strong

    I guess it’s almost inevitable for people to discredit the value of something like this, being that the claim is so extraneous, but realistically speaking, this is truly one of the most relaxing pieces I’ve heard. People claim it’s simply dull and monotonous, which is not true. Foremost, monotonous is a term that literally means “one tone”, and is often used to describe voices that literally stay stagnant in pitch. There are very obviously many different tones within this piece. Secondly, the notion that this is dull assumes that it attempts to be circular or progressive in any way. This is ambient music, as has been stated. The reason why it’s so relaxing is that there are no hooks, progressions, or repetitions of any kind. It’s simply sound placed over a rhythm, which I should note appears to be programmed at 60 BPM, or the speed of seconds, which establishes a familiar and relaxing feel of time. No anticipation for the happenings of subsequent sections clouds the mind of the listener, allowing for the appreciation of sound without the emotional tension of a traditional piece of music.

  • Gabriel Alejandro Etinzon

    The most relaxing song is Alberto Balsam. Everyone knows that

  • Bulbomormonnonoononono

    The most relaxing tune ‘ever recorded’ sounds a bit delusional. Are these 40 subjects mankind’s prime examples of test subjects? Have these 40 subjects been in all the previous tests on music to which the doctor refers? Have these people really tested such an amount of music that they can say this is the most relaxing tune? I doubt that. I doubt this is the most relaxing tune EVER recorded.

  • Carol

    Well it gave me the beginning of a migraine……

  • Peniwe

    I found it relaxing, but not THE most relaxing tune I’ve ever heard.

  • Ancestry Hanson

    I find it annoying !!!

  • adrian

    The song was very relaxing, but.. then i read the comments down below… Not so much relaxed anymore

  • Tård Øksnes

    I wonder if this works regardless of whether you like the actual music or not. This is not my cup of tea, but played in the background it wouldn’t bother me, it would just become background noise.

  • TonyTh

    It’s not a ‘song’, it’s not a ‘tune’ either. I even doubt if should be called music. It’s comforting sound allright; a ‘soundscape’ maybe? I think there are more relaxing sounds (rushing leaves, sea, water).

  • Lalala

    They should find the most energetic song to wake you up.

  • nnnnnn321

    “Ever recorded” – yeah, I’m sure the scientists had time to evaluate every song ever recorded. Even selecting the most relaxing Beatles song would involve comparison between hundreds of recordings, and this article wants us to believe this is literally the most relaxing recording *ever*?

  • bart

    Nice tune yes, wakes up my cat tho :-)

  • straightup

    You all need to go back and read the article again, it was talking about how this piece of music was developed using anxiety as a occurring factor. The music was designed to stimulate different parts of the brain and promote relaxation into these areas to allow sufferers (like myself) relax the brain into a state of normalcy. anxiety is debilitating and i know with experience that sometimes when i cant quiet my brain to be able to breath i bang some pots on the bench and i am able to relax a little kthis i asume in the song would be the base tones, and the triangles are in rhythm with the heartbeats allowing a sufferer to concentrate on it and unwind them self before getting into a full on anxiety attack. so i suggest if you don”t agree then keep it to yourself and don’t interfear with what could be an antidote for sufferers of aniexty.

  • huiwas

    absolutely horrendous. in school they would play this tune EVERY ASSEMBLY

  • Angela Richardson

    To dissonant. 2nd movement of Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique is the most relaxing tune ever in my opinion.

  • DeeDee12

    Yuck – too many electronic-sounding overtones and too monotonous to be relaxing to me ….

  • marcymrp

    Like the kid on the movie “Stand By Me” said after one of his friends told them all a story……”then what happened?”

  • marcymrp

    You’re right. I had a high stress government job for years and couldn’t “turn off’ policy and procedures in my head at night. A doctor suggested a CD of whale sounds. I thought he was nuts when I started listening to it, but it DOES hit whatever brain waves need to connect or DISconnect as needed. I think the above is meant to do the same. I’d rather the whale sounds actually, but it’s all for something different than a musical experience.

  • orlandobob

    About as relaxing as lying on an active ant hill.

  • gong

    People….. Calmness…. All around… No negativity. People have a right to their own opinions. Thoughts are thoughts. Nothing more. That goes for words, too. The are nothing more than words. Can we not live in peace on the web world? Peace is key. All is calm…

  • Speirto

    This is kind of depressing, but around the 41/2 minute mark I got too tired to really complain about it.

  • Sophia mamuya

    It is so disturbing. Stop using the word “world”…I tried asking 5 people in my country, some say it’s even threatening, like some thing bad is about to happen. Just when you really want to relax and meditate, and some one gives you this bullshit to listen to, they won’t be very lucky.

  • Devon

    “Ever recorded?” Really? So they performed this experiment with sample groups the size of… Well… Infinity? I fucking hate writers who can’t process logic thought at anything higher than a 6 year old might manage.

  • *******Mr Universe********

    i instanly zoned out..maybe cuz I’m high

  • deema

    Copy/paste of my comment on YT… Dood, what the sh!t. I didn’t even look at the title of the song, prior
    to turning it on. I immediately got a crazy weird weightless feeling
    when listening to it. And continue to each time I hear it. There has GOT
    to be some kind of science behind this. Like they intentionally created
    the music to do just this. Completely possible and very logical.
    Especially with the name being weightless. BS, my @ss that this is just a
    coincidence or that it is only happening to me. Odds against both of
    those being true are way too great. Tesla did crazy crazy things, with
    sound, 100 years ago. There is nothing far fetched about this technology
    existing. SOMETHING was done here, period