8 Sleeping Positions and Their Effects on Health

8 Sleeping Positions and Their Effects on Health

Getting enough sleep is the most important thing – but did you know that how you sleep can also impact your health? Let’s take a look at eight common sleeping positions and what they do to your body.

1. On Your Back, Arms at Sides

Sleeping on your back with your arms at your side is generally considered to be the best sleeping position for spine health and it’s good for your neck, too, as long as you don’t use too many pillows. That said, back sleepers tend to snore more than those in any other position and sleep apnea is strongly associated with sleeping on the back.

2. On Your Back, Arms Up

This so-called “starfish” position is also good for the back. Whether you have your arms up around your pillow or not, sleeping on your back may also help to prevent facial wrinkles and skin breakouts. However, like the arms-down back sleeping position, this one can also result in snoring and problems with acid reflux. Plus, having your arms up can put pressure on nerves in your shoulders, leading to pain.


3. Face Down

Sleeping on your stomach can improve digestion but unless you’ve developed a way to breathe through your pillow, it most likely leads to you tilting your face in one direction or the other. This can put a lot of strain on the neck. Sleeping face down can also cause back pain, as the curve of the spine is not supported.

4. Fetal Position

Sleeping all curled up into a ball with your knees drawn up and your chin tilted down might be comfortable but it’s probably one of the worst sleeping positions to consider as it can do a number on your back and neck.

The extreme curl of the fetal position can also restrict deep breathing. That considered, sleeping like a fetus can have you sleeping like a baby if you typically have problems with snoring or if you’re pregnant.

5. On Side, Arms at Sides

When you’re sleeping on your side with both arms down, the spine is best supported in its natural curve. This can definitely help reduce back and neck pain while also reducing sleep apnea. The downside? Sleeping on the side can contribute to skin aging due to gravity, meaning facial wrinkles and sagging breasts.

6. On Side, Arms Out

This position has many of the same benefits of sleeping on your side with your arms straight down. However, any side sleeping can cause shoulder and arm pain due to restricted blood flow and pressure on the nerves, which may be exacerbated by having your arms out in front of you.

7. On the Right Side

If you’re a side-sleeper, which side you sleep on also makes a difference. Sleeping on the right side can worsen heartburn while sleeping on the left side can put strain on internal organs like the liver, lungs, and stomach (while minimizing acid reflux). For pregnant sleepers, doctors typically advise sleeping on the left side, since this can improve circulation to the fetus.

8. Pillow-Supplemented

Choosing a proper sleeping position is important but regardless of which sleeping position you prefer, it’s highly likely that you can get a better night’s rest with less pain in the morning by supplementing your body with a pillow.

Back sleepers can put a small pillow under the arch of their spine, side sleepers can place a pillow between their knees, and stomach sleepers can place a pillow under their hips to support the joints and allow for full, pain-free relaxation.

Of all the sleeping positions mentioned, which one gives you the best night’s rest without pain?


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  • Bandit Queen

    Get lost! You sleep in what is most comfortable or not at all. As long as you put supports under knees, neck and back, then sleep as you please and ignore the experts: they have no idea about what is good for you. If you are supported and comfortable and can breathe, that is all, as long as you feel refreshed and rested.

    • MathematicalErrorTree

      BTW, nice image you’ve got. I myself like all things old – but not mustard!!!

    • Guest

      Lol, someone is clearly in denial. You lost me completely when you said “professionals” don’t know crap. So clearly you know more than any professional? Great to hear. May I ask what college you graduated from? Your degree? The results of your extensive research?

      Please shutup.

      • Reality_check_777

        Both of you need to go to the gym and duke it out. BOTH of you are idiots…but the odds are that Guest is more of the idiot of the two.

        • kzr

          This article offers simple symptoms experienced by putting the human body in a certain position for approx 8 hrs per night. Despite the fact that we do change positions in our sleep. Nevertheless, these are simple statements that are observable, reproduce-able, and never overstated by the author. You *may* experience these symptoms if you choose to favor this or that position… Perhaps if you have these symptoms you should rethink your sleeping arrangement. There’s no reason to get all worked up about this article though.

          Regarding Bandit Queen, the blanket mistrust of “Professionals” showing up in response to such a simple article sounds like simple bias to me. I would say Guest had a reason to call Bandit out. Real science matters.

          • Laxleyval Sagasta

            This is one of the most interesting conversations I have ever witnessed. Two things I have to say, one; you should Always sleep with your eyes closed. Two; Most of those who put their names to these remarks are very brave. They are the people who were Always very outstanding in school. Always out standing in the hallways.

          • tigger

            u 2 just made my Monday morning,don;t think anything is wrong with my spelling

      • franky

        it doesnt mean your an expert just because you have phd`s it just means you have a good ability to copy and paste you intake and regurgatate information from a book and put it all on a peice of paper nice and neat, in an examination there you go you graduated college got your degrees or whatever other qualification…it does not mean you are a professional that comes with years and years of hands on work trail and error and even then in any profesion or line of expertise you only truely no what your take on events are your opinion or just what worked for you..so what does this mean??? so you then go write ten books on your take on the subject whatever it may be then next thing you no people are teraching and learning from that information without going through the nessesaties of trail and error learning equaling in depth understanding. ingenuity is origanal thort and hands on trail and error practicality…so rethink what you have just commented and tell me logicaly how you have concluded that this expert knows better than someone who knows the ins and outs of there own body as they have resided there from birth ide pretty much say thats as hands on as you can get wouldnt you…ide say she is the expert of her sleep wouldnt you??? in fact iyl say that we are all the experts of our own sleep actualy. not some uni geek. and wake up please lets stop trusting theese experts look at the mess trusting them has got our planet into atm eh???? btw dont comment on the grammer i speed typed this and the message is the most important thing.

        • teresa

          I take it you are the ‘expert’ with experience, not a PHD, if your written statement is anything to go by? Buy yourself a dictionary please

        • Emma

          You’re funny. You don’t actually know what a PhD is, do you? You don’t regurgitate info – you research and produce something new. You’re thinking of a Bachelor’s degree.

          • Deb

            Excuse me, but there has been not one iota of copying, pasting OR regurgitating during my bachelor’s degree and I highly doubt it is even possible these days – what with the very sophisticated plagiarism software universities apply to student’s offerings. You’re thinking of school.

          • Lindum

            He’s thinking of bachelor degree today, or A levels of 20 years ago.

        • JDWhitehead

          You really have no clue about what it takes to complete a degree do you!? Copy and paste my butt! All major universities have huge plagiarism penalties including expulsion. The tutors and professors will have read and studied enough to recognise those who ‘copy and paste’ which means if somebody is a qualified professional they put in a hell of a lot of hard work and knows a damn sight more than you do!

          • Katty’Kat H

            True that JD Whitehead 😎

          • Maggie

            ok,im not trying to defend this person..BUT,come on,just because you have a PhD doesn’t make you to be above everyone else!what about our grandparents,great-grandparents,etc…most of them never finished elementary or highschool because they had to help out the family……most of them had GREAT jobs,and were very smart and didn’t need a 2nd or 3rd piece of paper(degree) to prove it!)

          • passing by

            You’re right having a PhD does not make you any more or less than anyone else. People are people. But you cannot deny, that on that specific topic they studied they know more about it than most.

          • JOSE M. Rivera

            You remind me of my own parents, and their parents, who said “you do not need a degree to earn a living”. They never went to school themselves, so what did they know? They accepted the premise that “they were poor” and the others were not. They worked for people that “had college degrees” or were well-to-do because they inherited money from other “educated people”. My teachers told me otherwise and I got a technical degree in a community college and a couple of years at a University. So I could afford to advise my kids to go and stay in college and get the highest education they could get, even if they had to borrow money to do so. They got masters degrees (a bachelors degree isn’t that great anymore). They have great jobs now, unaffected by the recession, earning well above average salaries and paying a lot of taxes to afford other people the same opportunities they had. Your Masters Degree or your PhD does make you (in knowledge in your specialty) above everybody who studied something different. Engineers, Scientists, Lawyers and politicians cannot heal themselves. So they have Doctors to deal with their health. All these people had to learn a lot more than what is in the books. Do not confuse “knowledge” with intelligence or “smarts”. They are different things.

          • cheatmaster786

            Still. It took a lot of sleepless nights to get those degrees. Which means the more degrees you have the less you know about sleeping positions.

          • Sarah

            Exactly!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

          • Karyn Phillips-Dieter

            Simply stunning.

            First of all, allow me to say that, specifics aside, most of this article is just plain common sense.

            For example, I fall asleep curled up, on my side, because it’s comfortable to me. It doesn’t surprise me to know it reduces circulation. Occasionally, I feel my arm tingle. An obvious indicator of circulation being cut off.

            If you spend an average of 6-8 hours with your body in any one position, it has an impact on your muscles, joints, organs, etc…

            No PhD needed, just common sense. Our body has a plethora of built-in warning systems designed to tell us when we’re doing something wrong.

            Next up: PhDs versus 6th Graders. Having a PhD does not mean you are more intelligent than everybody else. What it does mean is that you have invested an ungodly amount of time learning about whatever field you have acquired a PhD in. A 6th grader knows not to eat paste, the world is round, and where babies come from. PhD wins.

            However, a PhD does not make you infallible. It’s a piece of paper that indicates that the facts that you state are significantly more likely to be accurate than the 6th grader, or anyone else that hasn’t spent that much time studying the relevant subject.

            With that being said, I’m sensing a lot of “I R Culdnt B gud enuff 4 a edumacashon” vibes. Don’t hate just because you and your friends never made it out of the 6th grade. I, myself, never made it past my first year of community college. Thankfully, there are many out there who could go the extra mile so I don’t have to. You crazy, PhD-wielding maniacs, you. :)

          • huehuehe

            Jose I think you should be prouder to have taught your kids to survive better in this world than their degrees. Knowing how to survive is what actually gives you the advantage over anyone else you’re up to, that itself will give you all the degrees and money you need.

          • Chris

            Imagine if someone would’ve asked the Wright Brothers what their credentials were before opening a newspaper business, building their own printing press, a or flying and building a plane. You people would’ve gone crazy knowing they were High School drop outs.

        • Sarah

          you obviously have no idea what education actually is – and calling intelligent, learned people “uni geeks” just further proves that you have no idea what you’re talking about!
          Also, there’s speed typing, and then there’s using words that don’t exist – “ide” for example. I mean come on, really? I’d is the correct abbreviation AND the same amount of characters ffs. I’m guessing you struggled with education, and probably bullied the people who excelled at school to make yourself feel better – it’s just a shame you don’t seem to have grown out of it!

        • Ray DiFazio

          If ignorance is truly bliss, this guy must be on cloud nine.

        • GeekBrain

          Really? You’re bitching about education, and you clearly know nothing about the subject. The one time you had put an apostrophe to use, you had failed. I think you need to re-think your career choice, seeing as being a complaining idiot over the internet didn’t work out for you. By the way, when you spell “logically”, and “practicality”, that’s how it’s done. Actually, I’ll give you those, since I was surprised they were in your vocabulary. Moral of the story here, before you start telling someone how hard it was for them to get their PhD, try to just finish high-school first. You know, work your way up to their level. Then, and only then, you can tell them all you want how hard it actually was. Which, by the way, is very hard, if you even had a clue. Also, there’s no need for the annoying, excessive use of the question mark. One is plenty, we get it. Anyways, I just hope that if you choose to continue posting these sorts of things on the internet, you work a tad bit on your grammar, punctuation, etcetera. Just don’t quit your day job, if you have one. Take care of yourself. Yours truly, “one of those uni-geeks”, you had mentioned.

          • sarah

            I was almost convinced, until you said ‘anyways’.

          • JenBooth21

            I was watching a talk show last evening where one of the gentlemen present was a psychologist from the University of Toronto. At one point he said “anyways”, it is a common mistake, not a serious one, and I doubt that he’d put it in writing.

          • Katie

            I hate to burst your bubble but if you are going to criticise someone for his or her grammar you might want to make sure your own is up to par. Your comment shows a severe lack of understanding in the application of grammar. I will correct your comment to show you how it should read.

            Really, you are bitching about education; you clearly have no understanding of the subject. The one time you used an apostrophe you used it incorrectly. I think you need to reconsider your career choice because being a complaining idiot on the internet is not working out for you. By the way, the correct spelling is “logically” and “practically”. Actually, I will give you those two since I am surprised those words were even in your vocabulary.

            The moral of the story is that before you start telling someone how difficult it was for him or her to obtain a PhD try to finish high school. Work your way up to their level because than and only than can you tell them how difficult it actually was to obtain a PhD. In addition, there is no need for the annoying and excessive usage of the question mark because one is
            plenty. Anyways I just hope that if you choose to continue posting these sorts of comments on the internet you work on your grammar and mechanical structure. Just do not quit your day job if you have one.

            Take care of yourself.

            Yours truly,

            One of those uni-geeks you mentioned

            In summation, before criticising someone, make sure you do not look like an idiot because you are apparently a “uni-geek” with an atrocious understanding of grammar.


            Katherine Chapman

          • Rmikey

            B students work for C Students and A students teach.

          • Wannabegrammarpolice

            Then and only then…than is comparative..then is time frame chronological if you will

        • MissN

          You confuse academics and professionals. Your inability to write coherently, and your clear resentment of academia suggest someone who didn’t have the chance to get, or perhaps complete, a higher education. Perhaps if you get rid of the giant chip on your shoulder, you won’t get so exercised over a simple guide to health benefits. Nobody is ordering you to change your sleep position!

        • Cooper

          You sound profoundly intelligent.

          Students going in for the long haul to acquire a PhD are required to devote 2 or 3 years of their time to research, their very own research. They don’t allocate that time to traditional learning where they obtain information from books or professors they go out and try and find information in the real world. So I would hardly call that a copy and paste certificate.

        • jmorgan

          You missed spelled ‘their’, you wrote “there”

        • passing by

          Clearly you have never worked for a PhD – and do not even know what one entails. If you blame the experts for what they have put our planet through, what have you done about it other than complain? What about those benefits and comforts that make your life easier – do you know what had to happen for you to benefit from it or do you cast a blind eye for your own convenience? I stand behind anyone who has their own opinion, you’re entitled to it, but for crying out loud – do a bit of homework and don’t be lazy or arrogant enough to think you don’t have to reread your own comment – it’s an editors nightmare, difficult to follow and all pearls of knowledge (if there are any) are doomed to be lost forever – no one will take it seriously.

        • Jack Pollack

          That’s the longest sentence I’ve ever seen. Wm Faulkner would be proud of you, as would James Joyce.

        • Vanesa Paradis

          Franky, Okay you are saying not to comment on the ‘grammar’ or the ‘spelling’?? I’m assuming that what your trying to refer to is your spelling not grammar, but are not aware of the difference.

          However, by your statement: “dont comment on the grammer i speed typed this and the message is the most important thing”… Sure your spelling is incorrect which could have been plausible, however your grammar is what creates your message from information in your brain and your grammar is all over the place making your message therefore not clear
          and slightly incoherent. You speed typed this, but you should still know how to to spell when speed typing. There also is a “spell check” feature, fine if you didn’t use that feature, but you cannot blame your grammar or lack of it on speed typing and making spelling errors, as clearly one has nothing to do with the other. First of all before you make any comment towards someone’s knowledge and education – you need to ensure that you can first complete primary schools main fundamental teaching aspect, which is: “SPELLING”, then also combining that with a basic of high school, something they teach in English, known as “CONSTRUCTIVE GRAMMAR” – where they teach you how to construct your words and sentences appropriately in a correct manner to form a
          constructive point that you are trying to put out.

          Besides your incorrect spelling and no constructive use of using any grammar, let me ask you this: Who the hell do you think you are trying to say that you believe that people who have gone to Uni are less knowledgeable then someone like yourself who clearly hasn’t had any higher form of education? You even state: “please lets stop trusting theese experts look at the mess trusting them has got our planet into atm eh” -your stating that these experts are therefore experts, by calling them experts – but then your sounding even dumber saying not to trust and expert??! Right and I suppose that what your trying to say in your message is something that we should all follow.. lol, sure everyone is already aware of what goes on with their bodies, but with as little expertise as you have you have, you are in no way able to advise people to stay away from people who really do know about these topics – as these people that you think just copy and paste their way into Uni, they actually are the ones that make progress of all
          medical, environmental, social, economical, intellectual advancements of our world.

          There is actually a lot more that occurs when going to Uni – you actually study your ass off their learning every definable aspect on their topic of choice.

          Also, you cannot “copy and paste from a book”! YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE FROM A COMPUTER, BUT NOT FROM A BOOK!

          Also, you cannot as you say “copy and paste you intake and regeurgate information from a book”! YOU CAN NOT COPY AND PASTE SOMETHING FROM A COMPUTER OR A FROM A BOOK AS YOU’D LIKE TO SAY.. LOL AND INTAKE


          Also, IT IS : “TRIAL AND ERROR”, not “trail and error”
          which you wrote more than once so don’t blame that also on spelling – (or grammer as you call it.. lol)










          Good luck! with following your views and we could all perhaps evolve back to the cave man days, when they knew only the complete and utter basics. Where they had no thoughts at all what it meant to “evolve”.

        • DC

          Sounds like somebody is jealous of those who had the fortitude to complete their education.

        • Lindum

          A PhD has nothing to do with what you are describing, at least in a decent university. By your lack of knowledge of the basics of grammar and spelling, I guess you did not go to any know of university.

          • cheatmaster786

            You should check your own grammar. “Any know of universities”

          • cheatmaster786

            You should check your own grammar “Any know of university”

        • h

          That’s the best one I’ve heard…I speed typed this…. I know people with degrees and without who are both experts in their fields. Having a degree gets you to be an expert faster that’s all. You still need experience. I find it sad that there is such a pissing contest between University educated and field educated people. The name calling and put downs are infantile. I do have to say the issues do seem to come from people who don’t have a degree and have a chip on their shoulder and some insecurities about their lack of education. Really people, It just makes you look more stupid. If I were you I would say less, it makes you look smarter. Just a free tip :)

        • sn

          Well it actually does make you an expert in that area, because doing a PhD is focused on a topic or area of interest, so most likely they would have had to read quite a lot of research articles, conduct their own research and do reports which are all time consuming. The article wasn’t telling you that you have to do it, they only recommend that you do. What you do in your sleep is up to you.

          When you sleep on your back, your tongue would most likely collapse at the back of your throat causing airway obstruction. Which can be the cause of snoring. Due to the tongue rolling back, when medical staff or first aid people find someone unconscious who has collapsed but still maintain breathing , they put that person into recovery position (on their side), so if the person had vomited, it could clear the airway, but also the airways won’t be obstructed by the tongue. In hospitals, they have a tube called guedel airway, where it actually pushes the tongue down but also keeps the airway open when someone has gone unconscious and can’t maintain open airway. If you actually think about it logically, it makes sense why sleep aponea and snoring occurs more often when on the back. Sleep apnoea tends to occur more in obese people.

          However, sleeping on your back keeps your spine aligned, so it helps with your posture and maintain the right curvatures of the spine. If you sleep on your side (which I do), it is difficult to stay straight as we tend to curve a bit. That is why when patients who have a spinal injury or a suspected spinal injury, the spine needs to be aligned, and we transfer them with multiple people to ensure that the spine is all aligned, even when turning patients so we don’t exacerbate the condition. Even when sitting in front of the computer, it is mainly centred around how we sit to ensure that how spine doesn’t suffer. Because in the long run, if you don’t correct your posture, you would get back aches, strained muscles in the shoulders and neck and a hunch back to go with it.

          There are pros and cons to sleeping on your back, more likely to have sleep aponea or snoring, but on the other hand, it is probably the best position for your spine. Again, you do what you do in your sleep, research and studies are there to benefit us all, and whether you take heed to them or not is your choice, they are not just made up outrageous idea.

        • Guest

          Apparently, writing comments on the internet doesn’t make you an expert in grammar. Speed writing has nothing to do with it. If the subject matter, the message you’re trying to convey, is the most important thing to you (your words), then take a moment to write a decent post. Maybe pick up a book or a dictionary, once in a while, if you want to be taken seriously.

          Now, just because you sleep, doesn’t mean you’re an expert in your own sleep. You don’t become educated just by reading books or having a certain degree in a certain field, it mostly comes with experience with patients who have pain. And a lot of people don’t realize some of their (sleeping) habits are hurting them. The real problem is generalization, everyone is unique and has different needs. I don’t know which “experts” you speak of, and who is “ruining our planet”, or whatever exaggeration you used. But there’s another example of dangerous generalization… A PhD doesn’t make a person an expert. And professionals who spend years treating patients, don’t just rely on their own opinion on a matter, but their experience through their patients’ experiences.
          Self-help books and articles (like this one) show the same weakness you do, they generalize. Because it’s impossible to investigate every possibility, even when they try to offer as many as possible. I believe that if someone is searching for a solution to their problem, they should absolutely consult someone with more expertise, who will treat their own case as unique, with its own particularities. And it is still a person’s choice to believe the expert or not, that’s why there are things such as second opinions.

      • Pathfinder

        Now Youngsters, please be nice to each other or the second bowl of “cream of Hamster soup” will be given to your sister instead

        Yet, another brawl, What you both need is each a roll of nickels so you can just “finish it” :o)

      • dalmas machuki

        I thought proffesors and doctors don’t sleep anyways. How do they know about the best sleeping positons. sleeping is like sex, you do it the most comfortable way for you.

      • trent

        Doctors push pills for everything and know almost nothing about real nutrition. They have many degrees and I would not go to them for natural healing. So expert who are trained by our corrupt institutions, rarely are experts.

      • Drew

        He’s right professionals like to think they know everything. Your just a argumentative prick

      • Giovanni

        Just because you have a college degree doesn’t mean your any better then anyone else nor an expert.

        You do have more knowledge yes and certainly it’s education that gains knowledge. I am not arguing with you there.

        Problem I have when you say” expert.” My grandfather was a nuclear engineer for more then 35 years. People always called him an expert. He said to them ” I am no expert, you want an expert look at you kitchen faucet. You know the drops that drip? Those are experts!”

      • cheatmaster786

        You don’t need a degree. If we were talking about breakfast cereals, do I need a degree to tell me what tastes good? Get a spoon stick it in your oatees and that’s your research. Same applies to sleeping. if you wake up and your neck is stiff, try something else. That’s your research.

    • jarradcvh059

      my Aunty Olivia recently got
      an awesome Honda by work parttime using a lap-top… imp source J­a­m­2­0­.­ℂ­o­m

    • Tara De la Torres

      OMW! When did this become a contest of best literary comment???

    • Gabriel Perron

      u mad bro?

    • ChelFCsea

      Sleeping in a bad position will hurt your back more than sitting leaned forward, and people think that’s the big problem.

    • Chrissy Ellison

      “As long as you put supports under knees, neck and back….”
      So, you’re acknowledging then there is something to your sleeping position.

    • Guest

      The fact that so many of you are actually debating a site that hasn’t actually sourced any legitimate studies tells me your all just a bunch of dick heads that will read anything the internet points your way. If you want some real information please find a legitimate study on the pro’s and con’s of different sleeping positions.

    • Paul Jack Byrne

      shut upp

  • MathematicalErrorTree

    Well of course your back’s not supported! Of course you need to move your head when you’re trying to breathe into a pillow! Next time, consult those people who haven’t had any sleep at all because they’re worried sick that their sleeping habit won’t shake and they’ll die. Really? Just sleep, eat food, run around, drink water and enjoy your life. Do NOT live paranoid, covered in makeup and sleepy – those three things are hell in a bottle.

    You know what? speaking of sleep…

    • Henri

      I think it’s some truth in it though. I usually sleep face down, and i have tons of back problems. So it makes sense.

    • john

      nothing wrong with sleepi love it

  • Andy Greenwood

    i always go to sleep on my right side but wake up on my back..!

    • Bill__Bailey

      That’s what she said.

      • Paula M Smolik

        You pig. 😉

        • Jort

          Oink oink.

    • just me

      Right side is the best, as sleeping on ones back puts strain on the lungs, sleeping on the left side puts strain on the heart… this is the the recommended way all humans should sleep, for health benefits, according to recommendations in the Hadith scriptures, thousands of years ago… according to the Islamic way.

  • Bellita

    so, what’s the best way to sleep, then? Choose whichever position I sleep best in?

    • Jack


    • Loa Ben Nett


  • http://www.gamecatchup.com/ Kevin

    Righttttt…I’ve been sleeping on my stomach like described in this video since I was a baby. I’ve never stopped and I have no neck issues. Have to say this is ridiculous, yet more information from these “pros” that is cough bullshit, cough.

    Sleep how you feel comfortable…if you start experiencing problems then you know it’s not right. It must be different for everyone. As if this video was true then I would have serious neck problems as an adult…which I do not.

    I also sleep on the floor now, no bed, and I’ve never slept so well in my life!

  • Al Dente

    I avoided sleeping on my tummy all my life because everyone told me it was bad for your back. I used to sleep on my back but during the night I’d alternate between back, left side and right side. Whenever I was crowded so I couldn’t turn in the night I’d awaken with a sore back. The first time I slept on my tummy my wife was staying up late and since the light was on I laid on my tummy and burried my eyes into my pillow. I was amazed to discover that I slept in the same position all night without having to turn, my back didn’t hurt, and I awoke feeling more rested. I think I had some sleep apnea that tummy sleeping probably cured which would explain why I sleep better. As far as my back feeling better I assume that all the doctors, chiropractors, etc. who say tummy sleeping is bad are full of caca. Sometimes I do turn my head to the side but most of the time I sleep face down on the edge of my pillow so I can breath.

    • Jim

      Yes I always go to sleep on my back. But strangely enough I wake up on my stomach with my face in the pillow. I must toss and turn a lot because my underwear ends up down to my ankles. Strange thing is my butt is usually sore not my back! Hey wait a minute…..

      • wvbh17

        Jim!!! thank you for that one, I haven’t had a better laugh in a month

      • Lone Crusader


    • Jack

      it is quite good for your back but better for your stomach :)

  • Paula M Smolik

    “Sleeping all curled up”, yeah, I make sure I tilt my chin down. What?? I sleep the way it feels comfortable. I can’t sleep on my back. My brain wants me to sleep on my side. There seem to be about 3 or 4 sleep positions they talk about. There are lots of them in between. I’m tired of seeing extremes.

  • Ecilicrispy

    My way of sleeping is like superman flying.

    • Ian Dack

      Several feet above the bed?

    • Joanne

      With a red cape

    • liko2k

      With your fist clenched and outstretched?

  • john t

    It does not sound comfortable ” as long as you put supports under knees, neck and back”. I sleep fine without the experts and supports.

  • Andrew

    Having just recently bought a new bed for my wife and I, I can’t believe the amount of preaching we heard about how horrible sleeping on your belly is said to be. Hogwash. My usual routine when I get in bed. I lay down on my back and feel my back stretch out. It feels great. But soon, it isn’t “doing it” for me. Then I turn to one side or the other and use a body pillow between my knees and arms. Bliss. Soon, I don’t feel relaxed enough. Then finally, I turn to my belly, putting my pillow almost under myself, down to my belly, turn my head to the side, and that feels the best. If I go back to another position, it’s not as good. I have to be very tired to get to sleep on my back as fast as I do on my belly. In the morning, before fully waking, I alternate left and right side, and sometimes belly.

    • liko2k

      That is exactly what I am doing :)

  • Mcm

    I have to say, I’m a stomach and side sleeper and have found that using the pillows, as recommended in this video is exactly how I have learned to sleep well. Plus, adding a 3″ temperpedic/ memory foam topper to my old mattress works great – and saved me hundreds from buying a new mattress (thought for the frugal out there!).

  • justthinkn’outloud

    Thanks for the info! I have slept on my side with a pillow between my knees since I was a little kid but lately I have been tossing & turning and waking up with a sore neck, shoulders and arms. I am definitely try the pillow behind my back.

  • Dessie Deratta

    Any sleeping position beside that babe would have a positive effect on my health!

    Is that a sexist comment?

    • $58526152


      • Dessie Deratta

        But it WOULD have a positive effect on my health….

        Endorphins rampant!

        • $58526152


          • Dessie Deratta

            That’s OK. I got distracted. Haven’t addressed the timeline issue yet.

            Too busy thinking about healthy sleeping positions….

          • $58526152


          • Dessie Deratta

            Fixed it.

            Or maybe not!

            I’m now sleeping sideways – can you see my profile?

          • $58526152



            Back to your daydreams.

          • Dessie Deratta

            I wouldn’t make a good Muslim!

        • $58526152

          Stop looking at women because I still see your timeline.

    • $58526152

      And yes that was a sexist comment.

  • Lifelong Back Issues

    One way to tell if you’re comfortable at night is if you toss & turn a lot.
    If you turn more than a couple times at night, either you’re in the wrong position or your mattress is not good for you. A good mattress is vital, as are having good pillows. If you sleep on your side, it’s best to have a pillow under your top leg as well as under your top arm. They keep your spine in alignment. I find that when I sleep like that, I am incredibly comfortable & don’t generally toss or turn at all.
    But again, the first key is a good mattress that is appropriate for your body.

  • David


  • Zaki

    And where my lady gonna sleep if I put all these bellows around me

  • http://eatshoploveblog.wordpress.com/ Yollie Pollie

    Be careful sleeping on your back, avoid face down, side sleeping might cause neck issues…

  • http://www.abicana.com/shop2.htm Knut Holt

    I guess that the best is to change positions several times during night. It is normal to wake up a little when a position is held too long and then to change to a new position before sleeping again.

  • Charlotte

    Just go to sleep, and you’ll end up in all these positions by morning.

  • IHateLibs

    My Arms go Numb if They are raised. A sleeper on his Left side here too

  • Anita Delgado

    so what are you supposed to do sleep standing up?

  • Jaye

    I only sleep on my sides – it’s most comfy for me.

  • stuart smith

    you generally cant control the position you sleep in.Why? cos your asleep!

  • Guest

    I go to sleep on top of my girlfriend, and awaken with her on top of me. I always have a good, retful sleep.

  • Reality_check_777

    I guess Bruce Wayne got it right….sleep upside down dangling from a pole or anything else.

  • booboo

    Sleeping on your stomach is no good, either side doesn’t work, and on your back is bad too. What’s left?! I guess you just have to sleep standing up.

  • booboo

    Are you kidding?! Who sleeps on their back with their arms up in the air? Frankenstein? It would seem the loss of blood flow would be quite uncomfortable if not painful. Your arms will be asleep though…

  • dr..dimento

    I think the best sleeping position is where you can release the most gas

  • Sarah Surace

    Pointless as everyone moves around and changes position while sleeping. It’s being in a variety of different positions that’s good for you; equal pressure distribution.

  • Fred

    Unless you have a problem don’t let this mess you up. Nature looks after itself and we change our position

  • Harsh Srivastava

    1) “nerves” aren’t strained. your muscles, tendons, ligaments are. Fiora, don’t just write articles for the sake of it. I bet any Physician reading this would laugh.

    2) also, Liver is on the right side..sleeping on the right would strain it, not left.

    3) your sources are not properly cited. Also, no references to scholarly journals are made.

    There are many such irrational explanations you have provided here, which do not match up to facts.
    This is unacceptable level of work. If this was college, you’d get a “D” on this paper.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.mack.1297 Peter Mack

    I feel wide awake since I packed in sleeping -honest !

  • liko2k

    So I’m a mixed sleeper 😀

  • B Wayne

    Humans are noobs.

    The only way to sleep is hanging upside down.

    But it does a bit of a number on your toe joints.

  • Doug Price

    I normally start out on my back, which is very comfortable initially but I can never fall asleep that way so I roll over to my stomach but a little to my right side, left arm up and left arm down by my side. That is my usual sleeping position. Hey, that is not advice, just my story and I’m stickin’ to it

  • Doug Price

    Doug Price
    • a minute ago • 0 0

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    I normally start out on my back, which is very comfortable initially but I can never fall asleep that way so I roll over to my stomach but a little to my right side, left arm up and right arm down by my side. That is my usual sleeping position. Hey, that is not advice, just my story and I’m stickin’ to it

  • isack

    The sleeping method advised by the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him),is to sleep on your right hand side of your body. Wit your knees slightly bent at the knees,your right hand under your head .

    • God

      Tried that, it put strain on my inner elbow. I was sore for a month or two until realized why my elbows were hurting and made an effort to stop. At first I had thought the pain was related to overexertion at work. But after making a conscious effort to keep my arms down and not bent for a week or so, the pain dissipated and is gone. I still catch myself placing my hand under my head at times, so I move it.

  • John

    I have a good wank and then it doesn’t matter what position I go to sleep in

  • gkadar

    I sleep in a huge mayan hammock with a duvet. NO pillows necessary because the hammock automatically supports legs, knees, neck, head etc. Properly positioned, I can sleep almost on my front, but usually start off on the right side with top leg supported by the hammock better than any pillow. Wake up on my back feeling like I’m a bird in the most comfortable nest. No tossing and turning ever. No pressure spots, no numb arms, don’t want to get up in the a.m. because it’s always so comfortable. It’s been over 2 years and I don’t ever want to sleep on a conventional bed again. Tried it one night and ended up so sore, I bailed and got back into the hammock. Ahhhhhhhh. Those Mayans are smart people. Ultra low maintenance, minimal bedding, can be moved easily, don’t get dust nests underneath. No dust mites, not attractive to bed bugs. Doesn’t take up space except when I’m in it. If you have back problems, check out hammock sleeping. More and more of us have discovered the ultimate sleep comfort.

  • Grame Bruce Fletcher

    I just wish our whippet would get out from between us…

  • http://www.abicana.com/shop2.htm Knut Holt

    It is not good to sleep in the same position all night.

    • gkadar

      Moving around at night is an indicator of discomfort. The only thing a person can use as a bed where comfort is 100% is a Mayan hammock. It’s cheap and easy. If you haven’t tried it, you should.

      • http://www.abicana.com/shop2.htm Knut Holt

        I disagree. You may feel you need to change position, but mostly it is automatic. It is necessary to change positions to help flow of blood and lymph. Any product that fixes you in a specific position is bad,

        • gkadar

          sleep in a Mayan hammock and then get back to me. Seriously.

  • jungleman 197

    u dont sleep when stressed.relax your body and mind.People sleep in differ positions because their joints or tendons(nerves) are sore from work/exercise etc,must learn relax and position u sleep releases most blood back to heart from overworked body parts & tension off muscles(correct pillow height to suit position u sleep in/ i use different pillow if roll over) and organs cleanse body at different times during night & maybe this is why we turn over.Back is best if body balanced and comfy overlay helps put even pressure on tendons/nerve pain crushing &not tensioning neck muscles on one side too long((must have balance)).
    For relaxing.(1 eg-sex releases body chemicals to tell a man his job is done when sexually frustrated,Can be oral.Should have cleaned area before sex so no infections(clean the winky&the slinky).You can rest now& also good hygene.shower&brushing tells your skin and mouth to relax,you dont have to fight so much bacteria now&also rehydrates the body).The more u can tell your body it is safe and get it to relax the better.Correct body temperature(sheets&blankets etc) /less noise/hydration(everything in moderation or you will pee all night)/forgiving lifes troubles is most important.You may need remedial massage/pain massage relief.i get 1 about 4-6 weeks apart.Moderation is the key
    (anything to release more tension as we are slaves..back to work!! whiplash! whiplash! he! hee!!)

  • fluffydar

    I sleep face down and I never get any pain

  • .:Raphællius:.

    i sleep on my belly

  • Julia Ssr

    What a stupid waste of words is this article. My pet rabbit could have written something less obvious. You don’t know how to breathe through your pillow? You will probably bend your neck. You could hurt your neck. We need to have a law in place that prohibits people from wasting other people’s time!!

  • Sarah

    does mister “utterly appaled” not have the right to express his own opinion then Bob? And anyway, I think what he’s saying is that there’s no need for all of these people to be insulting the writer, when they’re just offering advice to those who want it – and I agree!

  • EmmaHill0

    I’ve got my FIRST check total of $550, pretty cool.. You can try it for yourself. ℰ­x­i­t­3­5­.­c­o­ℳ

  • babybass1222

    i don’t think it really matters at all…. honestly, i’ve gone to sleep on my stomach and woken up on my back with my arms over my head…. you move around during REM cycles to change blood flow circulation, even just to cough (without waking up) …and i wake up thinking, how did i unconsciously turn and move like that and end up here? freaks me out a bit but it’s natural and normal and it’s very rare to wake up in the same position you fell asleep in so there’s no point in figuring all this out, you can’t fall asleep if you’re not comfortable so find the most comfortable position, which differs most every night, and your body will naturally move around to satisfy your health concerns during REM… no need to worry =]

  • russianbear

    I’ve never heard of anybody sleeping in an uncomfortable position that hurts him/her. If you feel uncomfortable or are experiencing pain, you simply change to a different position. All the above info is a load of horsesh!t.

  • gpj_mcdonald

    With my back & hip issues if I sleep on my back, the next day I can barely get off my bed & walking is difficult. The best way for a person to sleep is in the position that is most comfortable to them, we are not created equal & everyone has their own body issues. Besides there are too many variables, your mattress type, pillow type, the placement of your bed in regards to noise or light, etc.

  • Guest

    WHERE THE FUCK IS NO. 3-8???

    • fbruce

      I didn’t see them at first either…but then I noticed the “Page 1 2 3″ just below the video. Voila!

  • Kris Manning

    I sleep under a rock.

  • Greg Martin

    The body naturally moves dozens of time in a night, and in so many variances, which are all to relieve muscle tension, joint pain, if any, and overall fatigue.

  • Chezza Mp

    I thought this topic on sleep positions might be interesting, but I didn’t realize I’d be getting the bonus read of humour as well 😉 I wonder if other readers found many of the comments here as entertaining and humorous as I did? lol

  • Joshua

    What is causing you to fall so frequently?

  • neko

    as a guest i simply want to say where is the recovery position in this sleep guide im on my stomach and to the side with one leg straight the other leg bent and out in a 90 degree angle to prevent movement and my depending on which side at the time the opposite arm being underneath so whats the detrimental / beneficial effects of such ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=511170388 Sarah Hill

    actually, as common sense would suggest, the best way to sleep without putting any strain on anything is to do whatever feels comfortable at the time and change it up. yes, that point about not suffocating yourself is important too- but Im sure, again, that anyone with any common sense could have realised that alone!

  • tomite

    I love sleep!

  • kizzy

    I do agree with acid reflux. I have GERD and if I lie on my left its minimised a hell of a lot but im more comfortable on my right which gives me horrendous heart burn I usually lie on my front but I have neck problems and end up waking up with a very stiff painful neck and sleeping on my back causes acid reflux and a bad back due to trapped nerves so I cant really win lol

  • Michael Baconater Bright

    Several of those who responded challenged his argument.

  • sadgirl

    I have asymmetrical breasts and it’s gotten to the point that I can ONLY sleep on my back or on my right side because the larger breast is on the right and if I sleep on my left it’s really really painful. T_T

  • Senna

    This is so true! I learned all about it in my psychology class.

  • Johnny Sauce Pants

    Sleep in whatever position suits and you feel comfortable in.

  • steen munk-petersen

    i sleep very well i all positions

  • Daniela

    That is always good ,but when the people have not money how can buy they these good products,because they dont know what need to buy for their health and they buy drugs in the place of vitamines and minerales wich are better for their health and cells.When they are sick they gone to the doctor and the doctor write on the recept very much and strong medicines which they are obligated to get and to pay for it sometimes with very much money and many of them become depends of different medicines wich work different in a body also sometimes when are to much they work like the drugs ,they loose their minds,they suffer very much.That is why for the people is not important only the good indications but also the money to buy for themself good foods,not to have stress and to get all the time vitamines and minerales when the time from a saison to an other is changing and the body change also the structure of cells in the body.

  • Carolina Corpus

    You’ll are killing me. How you go from sleeping positions to grammar? Please stay with the subject.

  • menachem Har-Zahav

    I was amazed at how easily I was able to read it. Interesting.

  • Captain Snooze

    Historically, the best sleeping position is ‘Dirt Nap.’ It’s so great only one person has ever awoken from this position, not sure anyone would know his name but it was roughly 2014 years ago according to the New Testament.

  • http://www.miscy.net/ Max Pen

    This was really useful!

  • andrea

    snoring can be solved by elevating the top half of your bed 30degrees best way to sleep i recon!

    • Chuck Pelto


      …..why am I reminded of how the Mimbari sleep in that classic SciFi series Babylon 5, from the 1990s? Flat on their backs, arms down at their sides and and elevated at a 30° angle.

  • damo

    Wow!!! That really got off topic quick.

  • Chuck Pelto

    I am my wife’s ‘pillow’….

  • cheatmaster786

    then quit

  • Jack Pollack

    Isn’t it interesting! This is an article about sleep position, and all comments seem to be about grammar. Maybe logic lessons in addition to grammar lessons.

  • Celery66

    I don’t know about anyone else, but who actually stays in the same position all night? and with a pillow between your knees?

  • gobnait

    The virtual lynch mob strikes again. Piling on a poster for an unpopular opinion has become a blood sport.

  • cheatmaster786

    Your grammar is better than most people who speak English. Tres bien. I’m not French I’m South African.

  • cheatmaster786

    ROFS (Rolling on the Floor Sleeping)

  • cheatmaster786

    How well did you actually sleep while acquiring these advanced degrees. I’m assuming whether you spent your college days partying or studying there wasn’t any time spent sleeping.

  • The Doctor

    This article is about sleeping positions. Not grammar and PhDs

  • IamjustME

    I find it interesting and hilarious that the conversation began with sleeping positions and health; yet somehow, we have explored proper grammar, correct spelling, and the validity of opinions made by those with degrees of higher learning! LOL!

  • Bonbon58

    To: Phone call from the …
    If you’re going to criticize and edit someone’s post, you really should check your own post very closely before submitting it. Your last sentence is incorrect, and Jemma’s original ‘last sentence’ was more correct than yours. It should read: “I counted 31 errors in spelling, and no use of apostrophes, capitalization, etc.” First of all, you typed “thirty on” instead of “thirty one.” Secondly, the correct usage of showing a number over 10 is not to spell out the number, but to use the actual numerals, as in 10, 11, 12 …31, etc. Also, it is incorrect to say “That is why I, who does not spell well, always use spell check.” It is more correct to say, “That is why I (who may not spell well) always use spell check.” You would never say “I does not spell well,” as your version of the sentence indicates.
    By the way, I sleep on my left side!

  • Wtf

    Trail and trial are not synonyms. How the hell did you mess that one up?

  • Vee

    Most posts say nothing about sleep positions – just arguments about experts and PhD and grammar and spelling. Get with it folks. Either comment on the video or go somewhere else
    Most people do not stay still when sleeping. I move from back, to one side to the other side to front and to back again. I have always understood that it is good to move around while asleep rather than stick in one position.

    • cheatmaster786

      To be honest let me educate you a bit:
      According to Urban Dictionary
      Troll: (noun) a person who reads posts and threads without commenting. There could be a troll reading this page and you might as well have told him/her what colour underwear you wear to bed. Just saying. That is why nobody is really talking about the topic (at least that is my reason)

  • Flighter

    I normally sleep in the Recovery Position, just in case. :-)

  • Jacqueline

    HMMM….I just saw the same video as everyone else . Personally, I have at one time or other slept in all of these positions and find them equally as comfy. As for ignoring the experts,,go ahead , after all , opinions are like assholes ,everybody has one .

  • awakeandlaughingloud

    Okay people, this is supposed to be a blog about health issues. Todays article is very important to ones overall good health. I am curious as to where the argument about education entered into “8 sleeping positions and their affects on health”? You all seem to be quite anal in your discussion. Are none of you capable of intelligent critique?

    • cheatmaster786

      I will say the same thing I said to Vee. If you wish to discuss “health issues” you might as well say what you wear in bed.

      a) Boxers
      b) briefs/ bra and panties
      c) topless if you are a girl
      d) full nude

      Ps: Dr Oz says nude is the healthiest
      How do you like those health issues

  • jaz

    I absolutely agree with him! as a Yoga instructor if I sleep on my back I use a pillow or 2 under my feet, but I am a recovery position sleeper as this is the most comfortable position for most women especially when they are expecting, putting a pillow between my feet and supporting my back with another. Men tend to sleep on their back and they are mostly snorers! I never sleep on my stomach and wouldn’t recommend it as you pressing on inside organs!

  • Priszilla

    recovery position

    and btw, acid reflux depends on how well hydrated you are, and how much time you allow between last supper and time to bed.

  • tygertung

    Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it
    deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny
    iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae.
    The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm.
    Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef,
    but the wrod as a wlohe.

  • dub

    If you are going to correct someone, shouldn’t you be correct in you correction? There are several errors in your correction, but the one that stood out the most to me would be the use of the word synonym. Trail and trial are not synonymous.

  • tom

    Well said Mykahl!

  • Lindum

    “….from universities with PhD’s and all (sic)…”


  • ski

    i usually sleep on my left side, although it is a comfortable change if woken in the middle of the night and switch over to my right side.

  • FoxCrazy

    Ok kids settle down, we’re shorthanded as it is. Jury is in on experts. All we gotta do is think about the “expert” ads for drugs on TV, where the list of side effects are most always 5 – 10 times more heinous than the much milder issues they are supposed to be addressing – there’s the epitome of “expert”. Sure there can be some expert research which laymen may not have access to – alas a vested interest controls virtually all University curriculum and twist the results which brings much more harm than help. I’m just saying here… You can be the expert, http://ii7.co/c2

  • Awesome

    Ummm how dafuq did you change the subject from sleeping to phds and stuff but anyways even if you have a higher rank of education or something doesn’t make you a hiher person. To be honest it actually matters about how kind you are too people and people respect you not because you have some good phd but your nice or any other good reason. Everyone has their own opinion about stuff and the only thing it creates is arguments and from arguments you can create fights and from fights it gets serious so yeah I just decided to post this comment down, even though some of you “might” not understand.

  • Awesome

    This video is just some advice from someone, just give him some credit.

  • JOSE M. Rivera

    I figure you go to “shamans” and spiritual healers when you get sick or fracture a bone. Your Doctor (PhD’d) might just tell you to Pile it Higher and Deeper until you stop breathing, if they knew what you are telling about them.

  • reader

    which means what? do not sleep?………………………..

  • http://batman-news.com Bill Housley

    I have to start the night on my left side, otherwise I wake up hacking on stomach acid 30 minutes later. This has been the case ever since I was about 47, I’m 51 now. After that I can shift to right side, back, or left…But I am a loud snoarer and keep my wife awake if I sleep on my back.

  • Anonymous

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  • someone

    I have slept on my side all my life, but now that I am overweight, I have started sleeping on my back. I think the side position is harder on you when you have all that weight on the arm you’re lying on, so sleeping on my back is more comfortable now. If that applies to other overweight people too, then I can see the connection with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is by far more common in overweight people than those of normal weight. If overweight people sleep on their sides more often, that would explain the so-called relationship between sleeping on your back and having sleep apnea.

    • Yuck Foo

      You’re not overweight, you are fat.

  • niko

    All you ADD commenter aren’t even commenting about sleep positions….stick to the subject. Blah blah blah

  • Ruth Francis

    You guys crack me up – philosophising about a commentators credentials when you haven’t even looked at the authors credentials or their sources. Besides – who can control their sleep position once you are asleep?

  • the drop out

    Fun fact:- Most high school drop outs don’t drop out of school because they find it to hard, its actually the opposite. Most high school drops outs do not finish school because they find what they are learning to be boring and un-challenging.

    Teachers only help the kids who struggle in class no one pays attention to the child who is doing well, until one day they stop trying because they are so bored that they no longer make an effort and start to just pass their exams and eventually stop showing up at school.

    Some of the most successful people in the world never finished High school, Richard Branson cant even read or wright.

    • Yuck Foo

      I dropped out because they got mad I was smoking weed and I got two girls pregnant.

  • Yuck Foo

    Is to stupid like too stupid? You’re so smart you can’t spell.

  • Yuck Foo

    Yes, I agree, you are.

  • Yuck Foo

    My rock hard throbbing erection keeps waking me up.

  • =.=

    whether parts of this are true or not, I have been taught differently in the past, some of it is bull (low blood-flow is not going to cause pains) and the only person I’ve ever talked about sleeping positions with (my bestie) sleeps the exact same way as I do, which is not listed here at all…

  • Serena

    I’m all over the place when I sleep…back arms up and down, right side, left side, stomach and face facing either way, fetal position…but, having said all of that, I tend to end up on my back by morning, anyways…I think that comfort is the most important thing, for everybody, especially pregnant women and asthma sufferers and people with joint pains. Do whatever works best, for you!! ^^

  • Jp

    Only thing I think is ridiculous in hese sleep articles is how they always seem to use some form of the phrase “when choosing a sleeping position…”

    This is all well and good knowledge, but I don’t know anyone who has CHOSEN their sleeping position, and definitely have never known someone who has decided “Mmm, the way I sleep is bad, so I’m going to sleep a different way.” I’m a side sleeper, and when something happens–injury, surgery, cold, etc.–that prevents me from sleeping on my side and forces me onto my back, I find it difficult to get to sleep and to sleep well once I’m there. It’s completely unnatural.

  • wez

    I can usually only fall asleep with no pain if on my stomch with my arms crosed D:

    • cheatmaster786

      So you look like an Egyptian mummy that’s been rolled over. Interesting

  • karmah

    Touché!! 😀 very well said ★★★

  • karmah

    Good one 😉

  • Hey Idiot

    Wrinkles and sagging breasts, what a complete load of utter bollocks.

  • Steve Stoffers

    How could you leave out all of the upright positions?

  • Bill

    We’re also one of the only species that walks on two legs. Should we start moving around on all fours like the other mammals?

  • one size fits all fits none

    On your belly is best, with an appropriate pillow that will support your head and neck; this will reduce strain on your internal organs and promote easy breathing. Second best is side lying. Worst is on your back, as this increases the risk of sleep apnea. Hope this is helpful.

    Seriously, just sleep however is comfortable for you. If you have one of the symptoms associated with the sleeping position you use, adjust what you’re doing until it goes away. Sleeping on my back may be good for my spine, but it’s also super good for making my airway close up and I kind of enjoy breathing. Other people might not have that problem and back sleeping may be what’s best for them, but it’s silly to say it’s what’s best for everyone.

  • http://www.getsosh.com/nice-to-meet-you-too#comments Eliana Fernades

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  • cheatmaster786

    Prove it

  • cheatmaster786

    just as I suspected. All you can do is criticize others without offering anything better than “Really.Wow” Start your own thread and watch the criticism flow. Have a look at my arrow count, at least 50 people agree with me. Have a nice day

  • ClayTron

    I don’t believe that your sleeping position will have much effect on whether or not you’ll get a college education. Sexual position, perhaps.

  • Faris

    Some people need to reduce the time for surfing the internet and start having a conversation with a fluent English speaker and also start reading English language materials (newspapers, books, novels etc. You name it).

    If you wanna argue with someone on the net in English, better make it easy for others to read ’cause “Hey, it is your awesome ‘ideas’ that you wanna share with others, right?”

    Everybody can talk, but few can back it up. (unless you’re mute)

  • NOTafuknmoron

    The ignorance here is palpable. Their degrees aren’t what give them the entirety of this knowledge. Sleep studies obviously come into play. Also, they make no claims that they know what is comfortable to particular individuals, only what is healthy and why.

  • certified geek

    I have always slept on my right, because I read from a med book that it is good and healthful for the heart. Now as i read the new info I might reconsider my present sleeping position and change for the better.
    Just got amused from the “hilarious” but informative exchanges.