Warning: Diet Drinks Not as Healthy as You Think

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

diet soda

Every year, more and more people turn away from their favorite sugary sodas and pick up the diet version instead.

However, are diet drinks really good for you?

Diet Drinks Are Filled With Dangerous Ingredients!

Though they don’t contain the sugar and the calorie count of their counterparts, many of which are filled with incredibly dangerous ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup.


Diet drinks also contain a number of chemicals – chemicals that some researchers are saying could be the cause of severe health issues, including heart disease, and that could even be a cause of death in some individuals.

This is especially true among women who consume diet drinks, say researchers investigating the issue.

Too Many Diet Drinks May Spell Heart Trouble for Older Women.

A decade long study aimed to examine the correlation between the consumption of diet drinks and health issues, including heart disease.

The study discovered that women who consumed at least two diet drinks per day had higher rates of heart disease – upwards of 8.5 percent, compared to the rates of only 6.8 percent in women who had four or fewer of the drinks per week.

While the study did correlate higher rates of mortality with women who consumed two or more diet drinks per day, it suggested that the root cause of the issue was the fact that women who chose diet drinks were generally doing so to make up for other unhealthy habits.