Astonishing Video Captures The Unbreakable Bond Between Twins

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

video unbreakable bond between twins

A great deal of research has been dedicated to the study of twins, to learn the effects of nature versus nurture.

Identical twins pose a unique opportunity to see the differences and similarities of two individuals who are genetically the same.

One Egg or Two: It Doesn’t Matter

Aside from science and the rational side of twins, there is the deeper, intangible energetic bond that exists between them. Identical twins develop from one egg divided in two whereas fraternal twins begin as two separate eggs.


Both types of twin share the same space in the womb–the closeness they experience at the very beginning of life has not been fully explored.

Thalasso Bain Bébé Jumeaux - Twin Baby Bath

As the video reveals, the physical bond shared during the nine months of gestation doesn’t cease after birth. There is increasing evidence that the bond is not just physical.

In a study that included both fraternal and identical twins, an inverse relationship was found between how close twins are to each other in an emotional relationship and quality of their mental health:

“There were significant effects, which indicates that there is an inverse correlation between co-twin contact and mental health–when contact increase[sic], symptoms of poor mental health decrease.”[1]

Another study of one hundred pairs of male twins published in The American Journal of Psychiatry concluded:

“Existential well-being was significantly associated with seven of 11 dimensions of personality and was significantly negatively associated with alcohol abuse or dependence and with two of three clusters of personality disorder symptoms. Useful distinctions can be made between major dimensions of spirituality in studies of spirituality, religious coping, and mental health.”[2]

Depth of Connection

Still other research goes deeper, into communication and commonality between twins–especially those separated at birth, for which environmental factors are quantifiable since they didn’t grow up together.


It has been found that twins not only share likes and dislikes but are actually able to communicate–even at great distances–without talking. They can feel each other’s thoughts, emotions, and physical pain.

The implications spurred by this heart-warming video of newborn twins sharing a bath are then much more than a cute little clip that will embarrass them immensely as adolescents. It shows us the basic human needs for touch and connection and the undeniable and unbreakable bond of twins.