Using Splenda Raises Insulin Production by 20% and May Increase Diabetes Risk

by DailyHealthPost Editorial


Everyone knows that sugar can be bad for your health. Too much of it can lead to some pretty negative consequences such as the development of cavities, weight gain and unhealthy skin just to name a few. This artificial sugar substitute can be used to sweeten coffee, tea and is found in a host of other products.

The effects of sucralose

According to a new study published by the Journal of Diabetes Care [1], using products like Splenda may actually be increasing your risk of developing diabetes. According to the study the substance known as sucralose and also known by the brand name Splenda can have an effect on the body’s response to sugar, which in turn can affect an individual’s risk of developing diabetes.

The study included the participation of 17 people who classify as obese and who do not regularly consume an artificial sweeteners. During this study the participants were asked to drink a sucralose drink before undergoing blood sugar measurements. Any women who has received pre-natal care before has likely been given this test herself. It is used to determine if a pregnant women has gestational diabetes.


The participants did the same test again about a week later, this time drinking only water. At the end of their study the researchers found that sucralose is associated with 20 percent higher insulin levels when compared with the study participants who drank only water.

Sucralose and cancer

Unfortunately for Splenda, that isn’t the only bad news. An Italian animal study conducted at the Center for Science in the Public Interest has found a link between long term use of sucralose and leukemia. The director of this study fed sucralose to 843 mice in varying doses over the course of their lifetime and what he found was a significant increase in several types of cancer.

While more research is being done we are left to wonder, should we continue to use artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and avoid the calories? Or should we go back to drinking those sodas full of real sugar?  Of course, the best option is to avoid both sugar and Splenda as much as possible. Drinking water is by far the healthier choice and will alleviate any worries we may have about developing diabetes or keeping those pesky pounds at bay [2].