Up Your Omega 3 Intake with Flax

by DailyHealthPost

Flax seeds are a great source of protein and fiber that can bulk up any recipe.

Flax also contains tons of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Read on to learn how to make:

  • flax seed hot cereal
  • date-oat muffins
  • gluten-free veggie burgers
  • orange-ginger flax smoothies
  • almond-flax encrusted chicken

1. Flax Seed Hot Cereal

FlaxCereal-2013-08-05This is a great substitute for oatmeal or another hot breakfast. Packed with 10 grams of fiber per serving, this flax hot cereal is also full of omega-3s and is sure to keep you feeling satisfied throughout the morning.

All you have to do is combine equal parts ground flax seed and boiling water, add in peanut butter and cinnamon, and let the mixture thicken for a few minutes. Stir and enjoy! For further details on flax hot cereal, check out this link.

2. Flax-Date-Oat Muffins

flaxdateoatmuffinsrecipe-2013-08-05Need breakfast on the go? These hearty muffins are a great option to make in advance and have on hand for those mornings when you’re running late on your way to work or school. Walnuts and flax combine for a big punch of omega-3s and the oats and fiber are super filling.

Citrus and spice come together for a flavor that’s sure to satisfy and dates provide a touch of sweetness without being overly sweet. Want to make your own? Take a look at the in-depth recipe for flax-date-oat muffins.

3. Gluten-Free Veggie Burgers

glutenfreeveggieburgerflaxrecipe-2013-08-06These burgers are way better than their frozen brethren and are safe for those avoiding gluten, too. The base is TVP, or textured vegetable protein, available in bulk at your local health store.

Dulse, a type of seaweed, provides flavor alongside horseradish and mustard, while flax gives everything bulk and holds it all together. Serve with your favorite fixings in a corn or rice tortilla. Check out the full recipe here.

4. Orange-Ginger Flax Smoothies

orangesmoothieflaxrecipe-2013-08-05Adding flax to a smoothie is a great way to make it more filling and increase the omega-3 content. You can add flax to just about any smoothie you make, but we like the sound of this one. Frozen peaches provide the bulk of this smoothie and carrot and orange juices give it a vibrant color and plenty of nutrients.

Flax provides some extra goodness, while fresh ginger gives everything a satisfying zing. Check out the full recipe for orange-ginger flax smoothies to learn more.

5. Almond-Flax Encrusted Chicken

Almond-flax-crusted-chickenrecipe-2013-08-05Love chicken cutlets? These are a great alternative and they’re packed with fiber and protein, not to mention omega-3 fatty acids. Almond meal and ground flax seeds provide the “breading” for thinly sliced chicken breast, which is baked to crispy goodness.

The tender chicken is also flavored with onion, lemon, and fresh herbs, packing this dish with tons of flavor and a melt in your mouth texture. Serve as chicken cutlets with a side of your choice, or slice and serve as part of a salad! Learn how to make it all here.

Have any great recipes that feature flax seed? Share them with us in the comments section!


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