Trucker Gets Off 25 Meds and Overcomes Cancer With Raw Food Diet!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Dave Conrardy is a former trucker who, not too long ago, was dying from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney leakage, and obesity.

His life was spiralling out of control; he was on 25 different prescription medications that were literally keeping him alive. He weighed 430 pounds and things weren’t looking very promising for him.

That is until one day, while out delivering freight, he came across juicing and the raw food diet.


Some folks on the road told him about a few books he should check out, and Dave was on his way to reinventing his life.

During his time on the new diet, he rid his body of cancer, diabetes, acid reflux disease, and kidney problems while simultaneously dropping 230 pounds and kicking all but one of his prescription medications.

In the following video, Dave “the Raw Food Trucker” describes how he was able to get off diabetes meds in days and cure his colon cancer within six months when fellow truck drivers teach him how to eat a diet of raw foods and juices.

Cancer gone in six months with raw food diet!

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