Top 10 Toxins Lurking In Your Home

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Most of us like to think of our homes as safe places, but there are countless toxins lurking unsuspected in everything from cleaning products to couches. Read on to learn which ten toxins you may be unknowingly exposing yourself to on a daily basis.

1. Melamine

Found primarily in plastic dishes, cookware, and kitchen gadgets, the chemical melamine has been linked with a high risk for kidney stones. You’re more likely to ingest it when eating or drinking something hot out of a melamine-containing dish, and a recent study found that people who ate one serving of soup from such a bowl had an eight-times higher melamine content in their urine than those who ate out of a ceramic bowl.

2. PentaBDE

Although this flame-retardant chemical was phased out in 2005, most of us haven’t purchased a new couch that recently. A 2012 study found that 39% of the couches examined contained this chemical, which can cause thyroid issues and interfere with brain development.


3. Tris

In the same study of flame-retardant chemicals in couches, researchers discovered this likely carcinogen in 24% of the couches studied.

4. BPA

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is commonly found in plastics, like the type used to make reusable water bottles and children’s toys, but it can also be found in the linings of most cans. It has been linked to hormone disruption. Luckily, BPA has become a hot issue, and so many companies are now taking steps to phase out its usage.