Top 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Asparagus (With Recipes!)

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

health benefits of asparagus

Asparagus is packed with vitamins, fiber and other nutrients essential for our health and as such has a number of health benefits.

1. Cancer

Asparagus has been found to have excellent antioxidant and antitumor properties which may be beneficial in cancer. One study showed how the crude saponins taken from asparagus shoots helped with inhibiting the growth of human leukemia cells and that the effect on the DNA synthesis was irreversible [1].

2. Wound Healing

A study done on rats show that asparagus may be beneficial in humans in terms of its ability to help stimulate collagen concentration and improve wound healing [2].


3. Diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder in which the body either does not produce enough insulin or is not able to effectively use insulin to control blood sugar levels and affects millions of people worldwide. A number of studies have found that different species of asparagus may be useful for encouraging insulin secretion and therefore hold benefits for diabetes treatment [3].

4. High Cholesterol

For those many people today who are struggling with high cholesterol levels, asparagus may be your answer. Studies done in rats with high cholesterol showed that asparagus helps with excretion of cholesterol and reduces cholesterol levels [4].

5. Anti-inflammatory

Asparagus also has good anti-inflammatory properties which may be due to the sterols and flavonoids that asparagus contains [5].

6. Arthritis

Apart from its anti-inflammatory properties, asparagus also has other anti-arthritic effects for those suffering from arthritis [6].

7. General Female Tonic

Ladies, this one is for you no matter what stage of life you are at. Asparagus has been found useful both in problems to do with menstruation (dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome); menopause as well as for pregnant and lactating mothers. The traditional name for Asparagus is actually Shatavari which means “who possesses a hundred husbands” and is said to refer to its benefits for feminine health [7]. In addition to this, its high folate content means that it is recommended for preventing birth defects.