This Man Is Growing Tomatoes by The Dozens on Auto-Pilot Using ONLY Buckets (And No Electricity!)

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

How To Grow Tomatoes By The Dozens on Auto-Pilot

Growing tomatoes on auto-pilot without manual labor?  How does it work?  The Alaska Grow Bucket design is based on a Sub Irrigated Planter (SIP) that irrigates from below your plants and depends on a wicking medium to draw water up to the plant roots.

The advantage of this system over other container systems is the lack of pumps and timers to circulate water. The lack of electric pumps means that power is not necessary. You can use this system any place that has a water source.


It’s by far the easiest self-watering container system that anyone can use to grow their own food. A completely free guide with complete step by step instructions is available for viewing and download here.

DIY Alaska Grow Buckets