This Little Boy Was Having Up To 500 Seizures A Day…It Didn’t Stop Until His Father Did This!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

jayden seizures cannabis oil

Jayden David was born a happy, healthy baby. But 4 months after his birth, he mysteriously started having myoclonic seizures.

This went on for 5 years. Suffering from up to 500 seizures a day, Jayden was prescribed a cocktail of 22 pills taken daily. The medication helped manage his seizures but caused vivid hallucinations and personality changes. By the time Jayden was 5 years old, he had swallowed over 25 thousand pills.

Insurance didn’t cover these costs. Financial strain on his father, Jason David, made the family lose their business, home and belongings. Afraid of also losing his son, Jason turned to cannabis oil. From the very first dose, Jayden stopped having seizures. He was finally able to be a kid again.

Marijuana Saves Father's Son