The Latest Anti Aging Treatment… Bleach Bath?

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

While many of us will have bleach in our homes as a cleaning agent, recent research has suggested that this chemical may have other applications including anti aging treatment for your skin.

The new study out of Stanford University has documented anti aging and reduction of inflammation on the skin by using a diluted bleach solution. The solution of 0.005% bleach in water showed dramatic improvement on skin damage in mice. This provides hope of a potential solution for skin damage caused by radiation treatments and other painful skin conditions.

Bleach has been used as an effective treatment for eczema, but the new research has highlighted why this occurs. Thomas Leung, lead author of the study believes that the critical role bleach plays in these treatments is due to the bleach blocking gene expression which is regulated by NF kB protein complexes within the cells. He stated that if human trials were to show the same positive results, it “could be really exciting” for this “widely available” potential treatment.


The anti aging effects noted in the study were very dramatic. Blocking the activity of the NF-kB in older mice with the bleach solution produced skin which was “thicker with increased cell proliferation”. However, these significant effects were not permanent and the anti aging effects diminished once the bleach bath treatments had ceased.

This research has paved the way for further investigation with human trials which would explore alternative applications for diluted bleach solutions. The Stanford team are set to further research this form of treatment.

Leung believes that the solution may be beneficial for a number of skin conditions including diabetic ulcers, dermatitis and radiation skin damage. There are “few side effects” and could provide an “easy, safe” treatment which is very inexpensive.

Despite these positive results, it is still advised that people only attempt a bleach solution treatment with the supervision of their medical practitioner.