5 Natural Ways to Bust Stress Immediately!

by Amy Morris

We can often find ourselves giving so much to others, be it at work or at home, that we often feel we have no time, or energy for ourselves. But taking time out to just be still and calm is just as vital, if not more vital than being constantly on the go, as it can help you deal with stress better, and therefore feel better.

Here are several ways to welcome peace, and lower stress levels after an extremely hectic moment or day;

1. Meditate

What people do not realize about meditation is that you do not need to roll yourself out a yoga mat, and be dressed like the Buddha to do it. In fact, you can practice meditation in your office, in your staff room, or even on the toilet if you only have two minutes to spare!


How to meditate: Go to a quiet space, close your eyes and start breathing deeply trying to forget about the physical world. During your medication you are welcome to visualize any place you find pleasant and peaceful or just think about a thought that makes you feel happy.

Remember this is your time now, so there is no need to worry or think about deadlines and pressures. Relax at all times, and imagine every bit of stress falling away from you as you exhale.

2. Listen to Music Alone

When you feel the going gets tough, try removing yourself from the situation and going somewhere peaceful and listen to a song that is very soothing and calm. During this time only listen to the words or music if it is an instrumental piece, and focus on regulating your breathing. Some people find benefit from creating a playlist that is saved for times of relaxation.

3. Soothing Affirmations

Affirmations are positive spoken phrases said over and over that eventually you start to believe and feel better from. So when needing to relax and unwind, try any of the following affirmations;

  • I am relaxed. I am calm. I am safe.
  • As I breathe in and out I am relaxing more and more.
  • I am able to deal with all the problems thrown at me.
  • Calmness washes over me.

4. Think Happy Thoughts

Too much time is often spent thinking about the negative things that have happened or need dealing with. But try thinking about your happy memories as these can make you feel instantly uplifted and calm again.

5. Free Your Thoughts

By writing down all your fears you are actively releasing them from your mind, and freeing yourself from them. This act of writing with a pen is going to achieve far more therapeutically than when done on a laptop.


No matter what we do, stress is always going to be present at times in our life because we cannot control everything that happens to us as a result of others actions. But what we can do, and control is how we deal with any stressful situations that may arise from practicing any of the above relaxation techniques, at any time.