12 Surprising Uses for Vodka that Will Blow Your Mind!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

vodka uses
vodka uses

Everyone knows vodka is mainly for drinking, but this versatile spirit can also be used for other things and save you money at the same time!

Because of it’s high alcohol content, vodka is a natural disinfectant, antitoxin, and antiseptic. This makes it the perfect trifecta when it comes to keeping things clean.

If you don’t drink but received a bottle as a gift or hosted a party recently and have some leftover vodka on hand. Before you even think about throwing it down the drain, here’s a few unexpected ways to use vodka…


#1 – Gets Rid of Foul Odors

Vodka can be used as a natural deodorizer. Spray diluted vodka inside your shoes and leave them out to dry to neutralize any bad smells. You can also spray it on your feet for the same effect.

Whenever it’s humid at home, towels quickly become musty as they turn into the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. To fight this, add 1 cup of vodka into your washing machine along with the detergent of your choice. Once the tub fills up, let towels soak for an hour before running a washing cycle. Soaking will help the odor-fighting vodka get into the fibers of the towels for a deep clean.

#2 – Use it For Cleaning Windows

Did you know that window cleaners rely heavily on alcohol for their effectiveness? Just fill a spray bottle with vodka and it will do just as good of a job as your average window cleaner.

3. Turn it Into a Flexible Ice Pack

A homemade ice pack that’s flexible and reusable is the perfect solution for emergencies. This flexible ice pack gets really cold, but never hardens so you can manipulate it to fit any parts of your body. Every athlete or parent should learn how to make this!

Mix 2 cups of water with 1 cup of high-proof vodka (70% or higher) in a resealable bag. Try to remove as much air as possible before sealing the bag. Use a second bag for added strength and to reduce the risk of leakage. Finally, put your flexible homemade ice pack in the freezer for 12 hours. Once frozen it will be similar to slush, and ready to use for any injury that needs the cold treatment.

4. Keep Fresh-Cut Flowers Longer

Combining a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of vodka together is a great way to preserve flowers. Simply add the mix to your flower vase. To keep your flowers fresh even longer, swap out the solution with fresh ingredients on a day to day basis.