Get Rid of Foot Pain in Minutes With These 6 Effective Stretches

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

foot pain stretches

2. Rock Out

rock out


Stand up straight with your feet at shoulder’s width apart, move your body weight to the outside of one foot. Then, gently rock to the other side, being mindful of keeping your weight first on the outside, then the inside of each foot. Repeat ten times for each foot.

3. Tennis Ball Rub

Tennis Balls for feet to relieve pain and discomfort


Stand tall and use a wall or chair for extra support. Place a tennis ball beneath the arch of one foot. Roll the ball under the foot from heel to toe, putting a bit of weight on the foot.

Hold the ball in place at each tender spot for 15-30 release muscle tension. Repeat five times for each foot.

4. Toe Lift (starts at 0:20)

Running Injury Prevention: Toe Lifts


Standing with your toes pointed upward, lower just the big toe and hold. Return to the original position and repeat five times.

If you can’t press down the big toe, you can do this stretch lowering just the pinky toe instead. The stretch may be done from a sitting position as well.

5. Toe Raise (starts at 0:15)

Toe Lifts--Exercises for the toes and arches of the foot


While standing with your feet firmly planted on the ground, stretch your toes towards the ceiling as far as they will go. Slowly lower to the floor. Repeat ten to fifteen times.

You can stand in front of a wall with your hands out in front of you to get more support or perform this stretch while sitting down. To get a deeper stretch,  lower your toes one at a time, starting with your pinky toe.