Speed Up Your Metabolism with These 10 Proven Tips

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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#6 Add Antioxidant Rich Foods to Your Diet

People with low  antioxidant intakes—particularly vitamins E and C—are more likely to have diabetes, cardiovascular problems and other metabolic syndromes associated with obesity.

A 2003 study in the Diabetes journal uncovered the correlation. Seek out a foods naturally rich in antioxidants like fruits, legumes, and veggies.

#7 Don’t Work at Night

In 2011, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Heath advised against working at night, citing their research which showed an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and weight gain in night shift workers. Their findings were published in the online PLoS Journal.

If you can avoid night shift work you should. If you are one of the 25% of Americans stuck working at night, try to replicate a night time environment when you sleep and be sure to get a full 7-8 hour sleep session in during the day.

#8 Eat More Calcium

If you are looking to send your metabolism into overdrive, find high quality natural sources of calcium. A 2004 study testing the effectiveness of calcium supplementation on weight loss placed a three groups of adults on a 24 week weight-loss diet that reduced calorie intake by 500 calories per week for each group.

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The group with a low calcium (400-500mg daily) diet group lost an average of 6.2% of body weight. The high calcium diet group (1200-1300m daily) lost 10.0% of their body weight.

#9 Drink More Water

Drinking eight glasses of water per day boosts your metabolism. Researchers at the University of Utah led by E. Wayne Askew, Ph.D., have proven that drinking more water improves you metabolic rate. According to these researchers, beverages other than water—like coffee or soda, don’t count toward the eight glass rule.

Most people, according to Askew, don’t drink as much as they should because they don’t feel thirsty until they have lost 2-3% of their body weight in water. Be sure to drink even when you aren’t thirsty.

#10 Have a Cup of Coffee or Green Tea

Caffeine is a proven booster of metabolic rate. Coffee raises your heart rate, increases the number of calories you burn while resting, and improves fat oxidation. Researchers studying it’s effects have proven caffeine’s ability to help improve your metabolism. You need to be careful though.

Caffeine drinks are not a substitute for water. Many people drink several cups of coffee throughout the day and forget to get the recommended eight glasses of water per day. Remember that dehydration can contribute to a decreased metabolic rate. On a side note you can always opt for drinking green tea as it’s also been proven to increase your metabolism.

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