Six Springy Asparagus Recipes

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Asparagus season is drawing to its end in most parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to enjoy this short-lived seasonal favorite. It just means it’s time to pack more of these vitamin-packed spring veggies into your meals! Want to go beyond steamed stalks? Check out these six recipes, all featuring asparagus.

1. Garlic-Roasted Asparagus

asp1 (2)

When you need a quick veggie side dish, garlic-roasted asparagus is the way to do it. With more flavor than plain old steamed asparagus and a pleasing little crunch, roasted asparagus is nonetheless a simple affair.


All you need to do is snap the tough ends off of your stalks, and toss them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Bake at high heat (about 450F) until tender but crisp, spritz with lemon, and enjoy!

2. Asparagus Soup

asp2 (2)

This soup require a little TLC, but it’s totally worth it in the end. Asparagus (minus the tips, which are blanched and added back in later), leeks, potatoes, and chicken or vegetable stock go into the pot with thyme, and are eventually blended with milk.

Feel free to switch out the non-dairy milk of your preference. This asparagus soup can be served hot or cold!

3. Asparagus Pesto

asp3 (2)

Bored of basil? Make pesto exciting again with asparagus! Blanch your stalks, and then cut them up and puree with fresh mint leaves, garlic, pine nuts, lemon juice, and oil.

Season to taste with salt and parmesan. This recipe for polenta with asparagus pesto offers one use of this blended mixture, but you could use it to top pasta, meat or your other protein of choice, or on pizza.