She Needed a Blender For Her Cancer-Stricken Mother…What She Got Instead Will Warm Your Heart!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

cara duggan

Juicing is one of those things that can help improve just about anyone’s health. It doesn’t matter how sick you are, adding more veggies and fruits to your diet is probably one of the best ways to recover or at least improve your chances at recovery.

Knowing this, Cara Duggan went looking online for a good deal on a NutriBullet.

As WNEP News reports, the Belfast native wasn’t buying the blender for herself but for her mother who is suffering from stage four oesophageal cancer.

After finding one for sale, Cara sent a text message to the seller to arrange payment in exchange for the blender. The reply she got was unexpectedly generous.

“I’m sorry to hear your mum has cancer,” wrote the seller. “Just send me your address I will post it to you and you don’t have to pay for it. I also pray for your mum. And if there is anything I can do for you please let me know.”

Cara insisted that she would be fine with paying for the device, but thanked the seller for the offer. She then replied with this:

“Hi! That is so kind but we are honestly willing to pay if you can send us your PayPal address? … Prayers would be greatly appreciated, her cancer is very advanced but we are staying positive and want to give her green juices to help with treatment so we think a Nutribullet would be great! Many thanks, Cara.”

Soon after, Cara received a text notification stating her “FastTrack” order was available for pickup. The kind seller of the used Nutribullet sent her a message that said:

“It’s paid now please collect it today as I don’t want you and your mum to wait for the Nutribullet.”

Confused and unsure of what just happened, Cara asked how the device was already ready for pick up.

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That’s when the seller explained that he had gone ahead and bought her a brand new NutriBullet at her local store. The order was in her name and was ready for her to pick up.

cara duggan

Image Credit: Facebook

Overwhelmed and thankful for the kind gesture, Cara promised to pick up her gift as soon as she could. The response she received showed just how kind the anonymous seller was.

“Don’t say thanks to me. In fact, thanks to you for giving me this opportunity.”

Now, that’s one act of kindness she’ll remember for life!

cara duggan

Image Credit: Facebook