Instantly Rejuvenate Your Health By Fixing These 3 Bodily Systems

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

rejuvenate health

Health experts spend their whole lives trying to understand how the human body works and even they, themselves admit how difficult this can be.

Although there is no shortage of information to review, most of it is too specific and complicated for the general populace.

Instead of trying to zero in on specifics, try using a more global approach to your health. This way, you don’t get lost in a myriad of details and you can systematically work towards better health.


Start this process by improving the following three bodily systems.

1. The Gateway to Better Health Begins Here…

Anything you ingest through the mouth will need to be handled by the digestive system, and it’s ability to break down and assimilate nutrients with little to no resistance is crucial for good gut health. If this process fails in any way, it will set off a chain of toxic reactions that can ruin your intestinal fortitude and slowly poison your blood and other areas of the body.

The quality of your digestive system will affect the functioning of your entire body, including your liver, hormones, heart, and brain. This is why it needs to be remedied first, in order for your health to improve significantly. This starts with consuming an enzyme and probiotic rich diet full of organic produce and eliminating any foods and beverages that could facilitate or encourage bad bacteria overgrowth.

2. Take Out The Trash!

Our detoxification system is essential to properly removing any foreign pathogens that have no use in the human body. Without this system in place the accumulation of toxins would build quickly and eventually the body would succumb to excess toxicity, which would result in premature disease and death.

With proper toxin elimination being one of two main components for a healthy body, it is vitally important to repair and optimize the detoxification system. This includes optimizing your digestion, supporting your liver, tuning your kidneys, opening the pores of your skin, encouraging proper flow of the lymphatic system, and proper breathing techniques. Simple things that can help include lemon, cranberry, coconut kefir, infrared sauna, rebounding, and meditation.

3. Experiencing Mood Swings? And Constantly Tired?

The key to your mood, energy, and sleep lie in the health of your hormonal system. This delicate and dynamic system of chemicals is very easy to set off course, and once you knock one major hormone down, the rest are sure to follow.


There is no shortage of hormone disruptors ingrained into our lifestyle, but the good news is that many of these can be eliminated. Putting specific attention on your adrenals and thyroid is very important, as these two organs govern much of your hormonal system, and both are beaten up by different environmental and physical factors.

Things that have been known to cause hormone disruption include coffee, alcohol, prescriptions, malnutrition, xenoestrogens, improper sleep patterns, stress, EMF’s, and sunscreen. Avoiding and remedying each of these areas is a huge step to the proper functioning of your hormones.

“All for One and One for All, United We Stand Divided We Fall.”

It is also important to know that each of these systems is very intertwined, and the improvement of one will certainly lead to improvements of the others. Focus on your digestive health first, and during that process, your liver and hormonal function will likely improve as well. Master this trifecta of health one by one, and vastly improved health will be yours!