The Real Reason To Drink Lemon Water Revealed

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Lemon! A little sour, bitter, but fresh fruit overflowing with nutrients! If you are having problems with your skin, digestion, or feeling a little off, tired, and anxious…..why not try drinking lemon water everyday? Today, we explore 13 REAL benefits of taking lemon, and lemon water daily, according to science.

Real Reason to Drink Lemon Water Revealed

Number 13. “Lemon Water Is Nutritious”.

Drinking lemon water can be your safeguard throughout the day. It is a fantastic source of vitamin C, which will boost your immunity. On top of it, lemon water supports your eye health with vitamin A, gives you energy with vitamins B1, B2, and B3, strengthens your muscles with calcium and magnesium, and promotes your cardiovascular health with potassium.

To discover the exact benefits of these nutrients coming from lemon, watch this video till the end…..and be prepared to be amazed!


Moving on to Number 12. “Better Digestion, Happy Bowels”.

As discovered in the last decades, bowel health affects all of your body, from head to toe. Good bowel movement, and a healthy microbiome in the gut, will make you healthier. Lemon contains an ingredient called D-limonene, which increases the motility of your bowel and stomach, giving you a healthy digestive system. It also reduces gastric acid, and prevents unpleasant problems with the stomach, such as gastritis or reflux.

Number 11 addresses a modern life problem. “Reduce Stress and Pain”.

Mental health issues, especially anxiety, have hit the roof. Mental health affects overall health, so it is important, to manage the stress levels in our daily lives. D-limonene calms you down, by activating serotonin and dopamine, which are known as happiness hormones. It also inhibits pain receptors, so it can act as a painkiller.

Next, avoid this painful condition; Number 10 is “Prevent Kidney Stones”.

Kidney stones are formed by substances in the urine, including calcium. Approximately 80% of kidney stones are made of calcium. Lemon is rich in citrate, which binds to calcium. So, stone formation is inhibited, because calcium is no longer free. Studies show that drinking one-half cup of lemon juice concentrate, diluted in water each day, or the equivalent amount from two lemons, can increase urine citrate, and likely reduce kidney stone risk.

Want to look younger? Next up is Number 9, “Boost Collagen Synthesis”.

Collagen is the main element of your skin, hair, bones, and muscle. Vitamin C in lemon water is needed for collagen synthesis. Increased collagen production can give you firmer, younger, and glowing skin.

Next, boost blood oxygen levels. Number 8. “Increase Iron Absorption”.

Iron is an essential mineral for living cells, especially red blood cells. Iron is needed to synthesize hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to the organs. Considering the prevalence of iron deficiency, lemon water can be beneficial, especially when taken with iron sources, like meat, lentils, nuts, and spinach. Vitamin C in lemon water increases the absorption of iron from the intestines.

Next, prevent heart attack and stroke; Number 7 is “Support Cardiovascular Health”.

Lemon water may improve your heart health, by decreasing blood pressure. When you have lower blood pressure, your heart and blood vessels are healthier, and your organs can get enough oxygen and nutrients to function properly. Drinking lemon water also lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, because it prevents lipid accumulation in the blood vessels.


Next, prevent cell damage; Number 6 is “Increase Anti-Oxidant Activity”.

Reactive oxygen species, (ROS) are produced by metabolic processes, or environmental pollutants, and accumulate in your body. They are harmful to your cells, and we need anti-oxidant compounds to eliminate them. Here, lemon water comes into play.

Lemon is full of flavonoids, which are compounds showing anti-oxidant effects. Some flavonoids found in lemon are hesperidin, naringin, diosmin, and quercetin. The hesperidin in lemon, is an especially strong inhibitor of ROS. This anti-oxidant activity of lemon water, helps protect your cells and DNA, from the harmful effects of ROS.

Are you looking to lose weight? Number 5 is “Maintain Healthy Metabolism”.

A healthy metabolism is crucial for weight management. D-limonene in lemon water has positive effects on metabolism, and supports weight loss.

People with high cholesterol, and glucose levels can benefit from lemon water. Studies showed that D-limonene can decrease LDL, known as “bad cholesterol”, and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, resulting in obesity prevention. In addition, if the liver or pancreas gets damaged, because of metabolic problems, D-limonene can show therapeutic effects too.

Number 4. Drink lemon water every day to “Reduce Inflammation”.

Chronic inflammation is detrimental to health. It makes your immune cells attack your own cells, and destroy them, resulting in tissue and organ damage, so it can affect every system in the body.

In a study done in 2015, individuals are given a low-calorie diet with 2 liters of lemon detox juice, containing 140 mg of lemon juice, and 2 liters of water every day. The people who drank lemon water every day, had lower C-reactive protein levels, which is an indicator of inflammation and infection in the body.


Down to our final 3. Number 3 is “Reduce Allergy Symptoms”.

Allergies are widespread, and can be really annoying sometimes. Usually, people with allergies are prescribed anti-histamine drugs. Luckily, lemon water can inhibit the release of histamine, which causes itching in your skin, and increases mucus and gastric acid production.

Number 2. Drink lemon water daily to “Protect Against Infections”.

Lemon is an acidic fruit. It can inhibit the growth of a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. For example, it can prevent bacterial infection from Escherichia Coli, which can cause urinary tract infections, or Candida Glabrata, which is a vaginal yeast infection. It also reduces viral infections, such as herpes simplex that causes cold sores. Besides the aforementioned infections, lemon has excellent effects on many microbes and viruses.

Finally, our Number 1 is “Protect Against DNA Damage”.

Cancer occurs because of genetic changes in the DNA, leading to abnormal growth of the cells. The vitamins and flavonoids in lemon water, can enhance anti-oxidant effects, preventing DNA from getting damaged. Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women.

A study done in 2012, showed that lemon seeds have beneficial effects on breast cancer, by inducing the death of carcinogenic cells. Even though 1 glass of lemon water cannot reverse cancer, it can prevent it, by eliminating oxidant molecules, that can be harmful to the DNA of the cells.

Lastly, what is the best time to drink lemon water?

You can drink lemon water in the morning, on an empty stomach, to get the nutrients to start a day with boosted immunity and energy. Or, you can drink hot lemon water before bed for relaxation.

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