Best Prebiotic Foods: These 6 Prebiotic Foods Improve Gut Health

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

prebiotic foods

6. Garlic

17.5% prebiotic fiber by weight. Perhaps the tastiest source of prebiotics. This lovely little onion genus is a great way to add flavor to almost any dish.


Bottom Line

These percentages don’t tell the full story however. For instance, although bananas only have 1% prebiotic fibers by weight, all you have to do is eat 100 grams of banana to get 1 gram of prebiotics.

A general rule of thumb is to try to get at least 4 grams a day of prebiotics.


As you age, your gut health will naturally decline. Your good bacteria and yeast balance will begin to wane. For this reason it is recommended you up your prebiotic intake from 4 grams up to 8 grams a day.