34 Pictures That Show You Exactly What Muscles You’re Stretching

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

stretching exercises

13. Lateral Shoulder Stretch

Muscles emphasized: side deltoid.

Place your right arm across your chest. Cross your left arm across your chest and apply pressure just above your right elbow.

14. Standing Assisted Neck Flexion Stretch

Muscles emphasized: trapezius muscle.

Stand tall with your feet together and firmly grounded. Slowly sit your hips backwards and round your upper back towards you. Slowly push your chin into your chest.

stretching exercises

15. Lat Stretch with Spinal Traction

Muscles emphasized: latissimus dorsi.

Using a wall bar, grip the tallest bar you can reach and begin you lift your feet off the ground. You should feel it in your chest and lats. If you can get your feet completely off the ground, you’ll also feel it in your lumbar spine. If you suffer from shoulder pain, do not perform this stretch.

16. Lat Stretch at the Wall

Muscles emphasized: latissimus dorsi.

Place both your hands on the corner of a wall or post. Hold the corner on the left side of the post and slowly pull your body to the right. This will stretch the right side of your chest and hips.

stretching exercises

17. Child’s Pose

Muscles emphasized: latissimus dorsi.

Start on the ground with your hands and your knees on the floor. Sit backwards unto your legs and place your forehead unto the ground in front of you. To get a better stretch, keep your knees wide apart. Your back should be slightly arched.

18. Standing Calf Stretch

Muscles emphasized: soleus and gastrocnemius.

Stand near a stair step with our legs shoulder’s width apart. Place your toes onto the step and try to keep your back straight. To get a better stretch, turn your toes slightly outward or inward to engages different muscles in your calves.

stretching exercises

19. Front Split

Muscles emphasized: psoas and hamstring.

This stretch requires a high level of flexibility and really needs to be done in a slow and controlled way. Start in the kneeling lunge position (see number 11). And slowly extend your leg in front of you. You can also start by standing with one leg in front of you and the other behind. Slowly move your legs further apart until your groin touches the floor.

20. Seated Forward Fold / Seated Toe Touch

Muscles emphasized: hamstrings and calf

Sit into your bum with your legs in front of you. Bend forward and try to touch your toes. If you can’t quite reach, bend your legs and grip your feet. Slowly extend your legs until you feel a stretch in the muscles under your legs.

stretching exercises

21. Single Led Forward Bend

Muscles emphasized: hamstrings.

Stand with one foot in front of the other. Keep your back straight and place your hands on your hips. Bend at your hip and lift the toes of your front foot towards the ceiling.

22. Deep Squat

Muscles emphasized: glutes.

Begin by standing with your feet a shoulders width apart. Hold your weight on your hips and heels. Place your arms in front of you inside your legs and place a bit of pressure inside our knees.

stretching exercises

23. Seated Half King Pigeon Pose

Muscles emphasized: glutes.

Sit down with your legs in front of you and pull your right leg towards your chest. Rotate your hip outward but keep your spine straight.

24. Standing Calf Stretch at the Wall

Muscles emphasized: soleus and gastrocnemius.

Stand in front of a wall and begin in a lunge position. Make sure that your back foot is slightly turned outwards. Gradually lower that foot towards the floor to stretch your calf muscles.

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