Optimize Your Health with This Infographic

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

A healthy lifestyle emerges from countless small choices that you make throughout the day. Looking for new ideas? Check out the infographic featured in this article, as well as a few of our tips for healthy living.

Eat Real Food

Food might be the single most important area where small choices culminate in a greater whole. And one of those choices that can take you a long way is picking “real” food over stuff that’s pre-made, artificial, or processed. When you’re at the store, pick the items with the shortest ingredients list – or better yet, no ingredients list at all. Cook in big batches and freeze leftovers of healthy meals so you can defrost them instead of stopping at the drive-thru after work. When you’re faced with a food choice, go for the stuff that looks and feels like food!

Sleep Better

Not getting enough sleep can make concentrating and remembering things difficult, and is associated with all kinds of long-term, serious health consequences. To sleep better at night, make sure that your bedroom is good for sleeping. Get rid of the TV, cover your bright alarm clock, and make sure that the temperature won’t wake you up in a 2am sweat. During the day, spend some time in the sun and get some exercise to help your body conk out at night.


Keep Track

It can be hard to know how you’re doing health-wise if you’re not keeping track of your progress – or non-progress, as the case may be.

Consider keeping a diet and fitness journal, noting how well and how long you slept each night, and jotting down how much you exercised.

Don’t forget to test your fitness every so often to see how you’ve improved! Plus, keeping track like this can actually help you stick to your plan.

For a primer on total health, fitness, nutrition, and tons of other healthy choices you can make, check out this infographic:

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