These Baby Boomers Discovered a Fun Way to Stay in Shape… (This is Just Too Awesome For Words!)

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

new fitness craze japan

Who says once you hit your sixties you have to take out your knitting, find a place by the fire, and sit back for the next couple of decades.

They certainly don’t do that in Japan.

In Japan, sixty-something Japanese women are cheerleading with pom poms.


Japan has a popular Senior Cheer Association where women over sixty compete in cheer squads. Some of the women are in their seventies.

It’s well-known that fitness and staying active overall keeps older people not only strong and healthy, but also independent. And aerobic exercise is also key for mental health.

Japanese people are among the fittest in the world, living on average six years longer than the global life expectancy average.

We could all learn a lesson from these women:

The following video has better sound quality.

Granny Cheerleaders

It’s never too early to take out your pom poms!

source: Youtube