Listening To This Before Bed Will Make Your Brain Tingle And Guarantee a Good Night’s Sleep

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

what is asmr

listening-to-this-before-bed-wil-make-your-brain-tingleOne of the most relaxing memories of childhood is having your parents whisper soothing lullabies to ease you into sleep. Back then, all your stress and fear would just melt away into a pleasant full-body tingling sensation.

ASMR is one way to get those happy tingles again. It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, also called a “brain orgasm”. Entire communities online have dedicated themselves to creating ASMR videos to help viewers relax and sleep.

The good feeling you get when you experience ASMR can be triggered by  sound, sight or touch through real-life experience, video/audio files or through your imagination.


Although it can be difficult to find the trigger that works for you, there are many videos over on Youtube to help you find yours. Triggers include : whispering, tapping, touching the hair, blowing, personal attention or tutorials. You can also trigger tingles in real life through head massages, soft tickling and by delicately blowing on the face.

The medical community is still trying to understand how ASMR works and why it creates such a strong physical reaction in some people. In fact, before people started creating ASMR videos and audio clips, neurological experts didn’t know that the phenomenon was even possible.