Laser Technology Provides New Painless Way To Test Blood Sugar Levels Without Puncturing Your Skin

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

laser blood sugar test

A new laser device designed to test blood sugar levels could revolutionize the lives of people with diabetes everywhere, researchers are speculating.

Currently, many diabetics use the “fingerprick test” to monitor their blood glucose levels – a process which involves drawing blood and using portable blood glucose testing devices. It can be a painful, messy, and inconvenient hassle for many individuals living with the disease.

In recent years, scientists have come up with a few alternatives to the fingerprick method of testing, including carbon nanotube “tattoos”(1) and biochips that measure the glucose levels in saliva(2), but none of them have quite managed to catch on.


The laser device, researchers say, could eventually become portable and convenient enough to replace the fingerprick method entirely.