Is Your Energy Drink and Alcohol Combo a Danger to Your Health

by DailyHealthPost

There is a trend amongst people in the United States to enjoy mixing alcoholic beverages with energy drinks. This is especially common in young adults. However, recent research has documented that this trend could represent a serious risk to health.

The Problem With Mixing drinks

According to the recent research published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, college students tend to “drink more heavily” and suffer from a greater degree of intoxication when consuming energy drinks mixed with alcohol, compared to alcohol alone.

In the United States, manufacturers are no longer permitted to premix highly caffeinated products with alcoholic beverages. However, many people are requesting these type of cocktails when out drinking.

Controversial drinks such as Jager bombs which are made by mixing a shot of Jagermeister into a glassful of Red Bull are increasingly popular.

According to the research team, this can place the drinker at risk of physical conditions including alcohol poisoning or blacking out. Obviously, this can be highly dangerous to health.

Other Consequences

The research goes on to highlight the public health implications of greater number of individuals who are “wide awake drunk” after spending a night partying.

The research team collated data on over six hundred and fifty college students over a four semester period. The students answered a number of questions each day relating to consumption of alcohol and energy drinks.


They were also asked about if they had experienced any negative consequences ranging from hangovers through to situations where they had gotten into trouble.

The findings of the research suggest that the consumption of energy drinks mixed with alcohol could lead to”lead to heavier drinking and more serious alcohol-related problems.”

The study concluded with the suggestion that “prevention strategies” should be considered to reduce the “negative consequences” this drinking habit can promote.

While this research focused only on college students who may be considered to be the least responsible group of alcohol drinkers, it does provide some thought provoking information for those who enjoy mixing their energy drinks with alcohol.

You may consider this a personal preference, but it is worth considering whether you are drinking more alcohol as a result, which would obviously have health consequences in the short and long term.

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