Is Alcohol Destroying Your Diet

by DailyHealthPost

Trying to shed those excess pounds can be challenging, but for many people that harmless little tipple at the weekend can compromise your healthy eating plans. While you may have been good for the whole week, many people are unaware that a night out drinking alcohol could mean that they consume in excess of a thousand additional calories.

A recent survey of slimmers found that of the thousand participants, twenty six percent regularly consume twenty five percent of their calorie intake for the week in alcohol. One in four were consuming a thousand extra calories in a single night out. Many dieters fail to consider the hidden calories contained in alcohol and a great number found that a night out drinking can damage their willpower, having them indulge in junk foods such as pizza, which could represent another six hundred plus calories.

Alcohol has also been shown to have a number of other effects which can affect those attempting to lose weight. Medicine specialist and author of The Hunger Fix, Dr Pamela Peeke, has documented the metabolic effects that alcohol can have on the body. Research has shown that alcohol encourages the body to break it down first, which can lead to any food recently eaten to be stored away as fat. Research has documented a causal link that alcohol “decreases fat burn” in problem areas such as the belly.

However, there are a number of strategies which can keep alcohol from compromising your diet. These include ensuring you eat a healthy lean protein meal before drinking, which can create an alcohol buffer. It is also important to be realistic about the calorie cost of your drinking. Ensure that you keep a track of how many and the size of drinks consumed. Many bars and restaurants offer drinks which are larger and may contain up to “fifty percent more alcohol”.

If you are concerned about your diet it can be a great idea to choose a lighter calorie alcohol drink and alternate them with water. It is also worth planning out your end of the night meal to avoid binging on junk. Trying to diet can be difficult, but although there is nothing to stop your enjoyment of the occasional drink, it is worth considering that overindulgence may destroy your diet.

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