How to Get Stronger, Without Getting Bigger

by Sabina Skala

“Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by size, do you?” – Yoda, Star Wars

Can you get stronger without getting bigger and heavier? 

Most combat athletes need to cut weight before the fights. Weight control is often crucial for them, so this question of size versus strength becomes important.


Therefore my focus in this article is to give you simple training tips of how to get stronger without getting bigger.

You can find thousands of articles on neuromuscular adaptations to strength training. The adaptations are called neuromuscular for a reason. 

A lot of people associate strength with size. If I tell you that X is the strongest man I have ever met, what picture comes to your head? 

Would it be big man with huge muscles protruding through his clothes, or medium-built, athletic guy? Probably the first one.e. Size matters if you want to be the strongest man on earth. Strongman competitors are big for a reason. However, if you remember my fellow countryman Mariusz Pudzianowski, five time World’s Strongest Man winner, you will know that he was probably one of the smallest guys out there.