Warning: Never Go To Bed Wearing THIS On Your Wrist or You Could End Up In a Hospital For Surgery

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

hair band infection

warning-never-go-to-bed-wearing-this-on-your-wristA lot of women do this daily without a second thought.

They wear their hair bands on their wrist.

If nobody ever told you, you’d never know that something so harmless could become so deadly.


That is exactly what happened to Audree Kopp.

After going to bed wearing her hair band on her wrist she developed a bump, which eventually became a serious infection.

She had to go in for surgery to prevent sepsis (a life-threatening complication caused by infection).

“It just kept getting bigger, and redder, and worse,” said Kopp.

Atfer this ordeal, Kopp took to Facebook to warn others:

“3 bacterias …. strep, staph, AND poly negative. I want to inform everyone to make sure no one else has to go thru this! The GLITTER tie is the one that caused the issue.”


So what can you do to prevent this from happening to you or your loved ones?

Doctors suggest washing the bands regularly or as often as possible. If you’re not one to think about washing your hair bands, then make sure to avoid leaving them on your wrist for very long periods of time.