8 Foods You Can Eat Raw To Fight Inflammation

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

fight inflammation foods

6. Olive Oil

olive oil

Anything that contributes to a heart-healthy diet is also good for combating chronic inflammation, but olive oil is particularly good, according to numerous studies. It’s not only effective at reducing inflammation, but it also has joint protective effects as well(12), making it an ideal food for people living with arthritis.

7. Berries



Lots of berries contain anti-inflammatory nutrients. Raspberries(13) and blueberries(14) are particularly vital, but tart cherries are also a star anti-inflammatory food as well(15).

Eating Right To Prevent Inflammation

Preventing inflammation through diet can be a big commitment – but it doesn’t have to mean severely limiting your choices when it comes to the foods you eat. As you can see, there are plenty of foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Doing even a little research on anti-inflammatory diets like the Mediterranean diet can go a long way towards helping you eat right to prevent chronic inflammation.