Why You Should Use Essential Oils Instead of Antibiotics

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

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The major drug companies that sell antibiotics to the farmers say they are necessary to keep the animals healthy but the truth is, the only ones benefitting are the drug companies themselves—it’s certainly not the animals who are pumped full of these drugs, nor is it the farmer who has to pay for them or you, who is forced to digest these drugs through the meat and other foods you eat that are contaminated with them.

The Reality of Antibiotic Overuse

The ultimate consequence of antibiotic use is terrifying.

As the bacteria grow stronger and are no longer resistant to antibiotics, these once life-saving drugs will no longer be of any help.


Minor infections will run rampant with no way to stop them. It will be like living in the middle ages when even a small cut could end up killing you. 

What Can You Do?

There are several things you can actual do to help improve your own health and mitigate the overuse of antibiotics that will benefit everyone in the long run:

  • Buy organic meat and dairy as much as possible
  • Only take an antibiotic when it is absolutely necessary (many doctors are aware of this issue—find a doctor who will only prescribe antibiotics when needed.)
  • Improve and build you immune system naturally
  • Look to natural alternatives to antibiotics (obviously if the infection is not improving, see your doctor)

Essential Oils As An Antibiotic Alternative

Nature can provide everything you need to live and stay healthy. Almost every traditional drug was originally manufactured with a natural ingredient that was then modified chemically to create the drug.

While pharmacology now uses many more chemicals, today, at least 120 well-known drugs still contain chemical substances that are derived from plants, including: codeine, digitalis (for heart patients), ephedrine (Sudafed), Aspirin, and even morphine just to name a few.

And essential oils are made from plants that have these healing properties as well as other uses such as natural, chemical-free cleaners and pest deterrents and natural cosmetics and other beauty products.