Why People Who Eat This Type of Spice Never Gain Weight

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

When trying to lose weight or get in better shape, we often focus on the type of food we eat and on getting more exercise. And while these are definitely the two main areas we should work on, have you ever considered that the spices you consume matter as well? Many nutritionists and researchers point to the idea that a certain type of spices can actually be very beneficial for weight loss and they’re called antifungal herbs.

Nutritionists like Lisa Richards are often trying to bring people’s attention to the importance of herbs in our diet. Many of us view these tiny culinary sprinkles as just a way to tinker with the taste of our food. However, many herbs serve another major purpose and provide our bodies with valuable micronutrients, boost our health, and prevent diseases.

Hold the salt, keep the flavor, and boost your weight loss.

Antifungal herbs are an excellent example of that. And, as Lisa Richards puts it, “When it comes to natural antifungals, there are lots of different options to choose from. Popular antifungal supplements include caprylic acid, grapefruit seed extract, and oregano oil.”


Antifungals are a very broad type of seasoning so you can find an antifungal herb for almost any dish you decide to cook. 

“Coconut oil is a potent source of caprylic acid, and it also makes an excellent oil for cooking,” Richards adds. “Garlic is another food with some potent antifungal properties and has been shown to improve metabolism and weight loss efforts.”

All you need to do is make some minor changes to your culinary habits such as switching your usual oil with coconut oil and you can prevent most gut health issues and help your family lose weight faster.

This has been supported by lots of research too. For example, antifungal herbs like garlic, thyme, carnation, and cinnamon are excellent for fighting off disease, improving our overall health, and improving our metabolism, thus helping with weight loss.

Is it really that easy?

Adding the right spices to your food is indeed that easy – most of these antifungal seasonings are neither too expensive for the average budget nor are they hard to find.

It obviously takes more more than just sprinkling some garlic over your steak to lose weight. Virtually all research on the subject shows that exercise and a proper nutritional regime are the two most important factors.


Everything else, whether it’s adding coconut oil to your meals, getting enough omega-3s or anything similar is just a bonus. If you’re already putting effort into exercise and diet, then “bonuses” like antifungal seasoning can be improve your chances of weight loss and staying at a healthy weight.