DON’T Do This at The Grocery Store (Automatically Adds More Calories)

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Have you ever shopped for food hungry?

Many people think that shopping while hungry influences your food purchasing decisions.

It’s really a simple matter of common sense, isn’t it?


When you are exceptionally hungry you usually want to eat more—translating the desire for more may translate into purchasing either more food than you need or different types of food. Many researchers have considered that same question.

Recent studies have investigated grocery shopping mindset, hunger levels and the psychology of food purchasing. Let’s take a look at what scientists think about grocery shopping while hungry.

Hungry Shoppers Buy More Calories

One 2013 research study determined that people who were hungry looked to eat calorie dense foods if given a choice.

The study, conducted by Amy Yaroch and Courtney Pinard, conducted the study which found that individuals in an 18-hour fasting group consumed almost 47% more calories than individuals in a non-fasting group. Additionally, people in the fasting group were more likely to reach for starches rather than vegetables.