Do This To Reduce Your Chances of Early Death by 42%

by DailyHealthPost

Do you want to live a longer, happier, healthier life?

Of course you do – everybody does.

So what if I were to tell you that there was a simple way to reduce your chances of dying from problems such as heart disease and stroke by as much as 42%?

Best of all, it doesn’t require medicine or any medical procedures. All it requires is a simple change to your diet.

And that’s to eat your fruits and veggies every single day. Do this and you could be well on your way to your optimal level of health.

Of course, to get the maximum benefits from eating fruits and vegetables daily, you can’t just have the occasional salad or an apple with breakfast. According to the study from which this information was gathered, those who experience the most benefits and the most reduction to their chance of death from serious illness are those who had more than seven servings of fruits and vegetables daily, seven days per week.



And these statistics are true no matter what other factors individuals may be faced with, such as their age, race, gender, or factors such as obesity or whether the individual smoked.

So even those individuals who have other health concerns to worry about can rest easy knowing that simply boosting their dietary intake of fruits and vegetables every day can account for a major reduction in their chances of dying from these serious problems.

However, do keep in mind that these findings by and large apply only to fresh fruits and vegetables – something that you need to be aware of if you are looking to boost your health prognosis.

Drinking processed fruit juice will not help you, and there is even a possibility that eating canned or frozen fruits may be harmful to your health.

So be aware of these facts, and considering cutting out these alternative sources of fruit. And if you must have fruit juice, or find it to be a healthy daily source of fruit, you may consider juicing on your own.

And while you’re adjusting your fruit and vegetable intake in order to boost your health, be sure that you are removing things that could potentially be harmful from your diet.

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This includes sugar-laden foods, soda, and definitely diet soda, which has been shown to have numerous negative health effects and could even potentially cause damage to your kidneys and to your metabolism.

Keep this in mind, too – even if seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day are a little much for you, any increase will contribute positively to your overall health. Start small, if needed, and work your way up to the seven servings a day that you need to reduce your chances of dying from serious disease in a big way.


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