7 Detox Water Recipes To Help You Lose Weight Fast

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

detox water

‘Detox’ is a hot word in today’s health market. So much so, that there are entire websites and books dedicated to detox diets and supplements. If you really want to get fancy, there are even in-patient care programs and spa resorts designed to provide your body and mind with an intensive detoxification experience.

But, is ‘detox’ really all it’s cracked up to be? After all, we already have entire organ systems devoted to flushing out toxins in the body, including the liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract. However, given the increasing amount of toxins we are exposed to in modern life, could they need a helping hand? It’s not all that farfetched to think that our natural detox mechanisms could be overloaded or backed up.

Proponents of detox water (and other detox fads) claim that it can reset your body’s immune system, cleanse your organs, burn abdominal fat, help you sleep better, boost your energy, and more.


If you’re a detox believer, we’ve got good news for you.

Unlike some detox supplements or diet plans that can be expensive or inconvenient, detox water is affordable by most and does have legitimate benefits. In fact, detox water done right is basically a healthy low-calorie drink loaded with vitamins!

Detox water helps increase your intake of nutrients that are used to expel excess toxins. For those who do lose weight and report feeling better with detox water, this is exactly why they experience benefits. Most people are chronically dehydrated and lacking in important vitamins and minerals. It should come as no surprise that increasing your water and nutrient intake produces positive results, but don’t expect yourself to be cured of any health problems overnight.

Water is by far the most natural, effective and underutilized detoxifier available to us. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight by naturally boosting your metabolism. Those organ systems that expel toxins from your body? They need water, too. When you are dehydrated, your body prioritizes other essential bodily functions. This means that toxins can accumulate – but they’ll be flushed out as soon as you rehydrate (barring autoimmune diseases and illness, of course).

More good news about detox water: it tastes good! So, if you find you have trouble drinking your recommended daily intake, detox water recipes are a great way to liven things up without artificial ingredients. We’ve compiled some of the best detox water recipes we could find, for both taste and legitimate health benefits.