Cut Back on Processed Ingredients with These Easy Tips

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

Want to eat more real food made with whole ingredients? Check out these tips for cutting processed foods out of your diet.

Cook In Advance

One of the hardest parts of eating whole foods can often be finding the time to prepare food from those fresh ingredients. One way to cut down on that prep time is to cook in advance. Make a big batch of a dish cooked with quality ingredients, portion it out and either freeze or refrigerate it. Then, after a long day at work, you can simply pop the food into the oven or microwave, heat it up, and eat it – just like takeout or a frozen dinner, but way healthier.

Find Real Alternatives

Cutting out processed ingredients doesn’t mean that you have to totally cut out your favorite snacks and meals – you just need to make them from real foods! If you can’t find a recipe, search your natural or organic aisle for a brand approximating your processed treat. Just remember to read the labels, because non-processed food can still feature a ton of sodium, sugar, and fat.


Read Labels

You might be surprised to see how much “health food” contains tons of additives, preservatives, and other funky things you don’t know how to pronounce.

Read labels thoroughly and if something contains a super long list of ingredients or anything that sounds like you’d need a factory to make it, consider picking up something else.

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