9 Ways to Burn MORE Fat while You Sleep, According to Science

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

burn more fat while sleeping

Most of us try hard to get fit and look good. But as we age, it starts to feel like an uphill battle at times. We do everything right. We count the calories. We workout. But that spare tire around of our waist isn’t budging. Back fat seems to be here to stay.

🆕9 Ways to Burn more Fat while you Sleep (NEW Video)

Worry no more, cause in this post I’m going to show you 9 tried-and-tested ways to burn more fat while you sleep. The best thing about it? All of them have been backed by scientific research. The second best thing? No additional exercise required. Don’t you just love science?

By applying these methods you can join countless others around the world who have successfully used these tips to speed up their resting metabolic rate – the number of calories our body burns just for the basic maintenance of its functions at rest.


In other words, you’ll burn more calories and more fat by following these 9 steps while lounging at home or even sleeping. Time to make your body do the hard work!

So now I’m going to get into why these 9 science-backed ways are so brilliant and when you apply them you are going to lose inches off your body and see a scale drop – without breaking a sweat. 

9. Let’s kick it off with our number 9 – Coffee.

Nothing like that first steamy mug of joy first thing in the morning. Or perhaps you like to sip on some cold brew instead. Regardless of how you like it, this much-beloved beverage contains caffeine – the world’s most widely spread stimulant.

The science behind caffeine? Study from 2014 has shown that it blocks the neurotransmitter named adenosine, and by doing so we start to feel more energized and awake. [1]

Coffee also boosts our metabolic rate. Harvard researchers in 2020 have found that people drinking 4 cups of caffeinated coffee reported a 4% drop in body fat. [2]

Caffeine is also linked to firing the brown fat according to a study from 2019 [3] – the kind that burns calories which causes an additional fat burning effect. So, go ahead and enjoy that cup of java guilt-free and move the needle in the fat loss direction.