The Hidden Cause of Depression, Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss Could Be Rooted In Brain Inflammation

by DailyHealthPost

brain inflammation

Depression is a debilitating condition suffered by 121 million people worldwide. (1)

The rate of depression cases diagnosed has been increasing by approximately twenty percent each year. (2)

The World Health Organization estimates that major depression will be the leading cause of disability by 2030. (3)

It was once thought that clinical depression was the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain but that hypothesis has been disproven. In fact, there are many factors of depression.

Current research into the physiological factors of clinical depression has led to the theory of “cytokine-induced depression”, which is basically brain inflammation.

Cytokines are proteins secreted by cells as an immune response. There are inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines. They can act on the cells that secrete them, neighboring cells, or cells in other parts of the body. Certain cytokines have been linked to pathologic pain. (4)

Cytokines Can Cause Brain Inflammation

Cytokines exist in the brain as in other parts of the body. Generally, chronic inflammation anywhere in the body can lead to illness and disease. One might even say that chronic inflammation WILL lead to illness and disease if left unaddressed.


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