This Awesome Biodegradable Urn Will Turn You Into a Tree After You Die

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

biodegradable urn

The cycle of life is no better encapsulated than in a new product that combines the cremated ashes of a loved one with a tree seed in a self-contained system. The Bios Urn is completely biodegradable and is a way to return to Earth and provide nourishment for new life.

Everybody dies and their bodies must go somewhere

The funeral industry is enormous. The real estate required for cemeteries is considerable and many in recent years have opted for cremation in an effort to reduce environmental impact. Still, there is the procedure and then the memorial service.

biodegradable urn turn you into tree after death

The process of embalming and enclosing a body in a coffin has become a danger to the Earth as a result of the toxins and materials used. The cost in dollars of such a process is not insignificant.


Funeral directors have begun to offer options for the end of life to make it more environmentally friendly through coffins made of natural, unfinished materials and bypassing embalming. “Green burials” still require a plot of land in which to place the body. And many people in North America still want a physical place to go to visit the final resting place of those important to them who have passed on.

Ashes to ashes

In an expanding climate of environmental sustainability and social conscience, one company has developed a way in which to end life in a more natural and less costly way than traditional burial.

The Bios Urn is composed of two compartments: in the top portion is soil for planting and a tree seed: pine, oak, maple, beech, ash, or gingko. Cremated ash is placed in the bottom compartment. The housing of the urn is completely biodegradable.

The idea is progressive and compassionate, yet ages old: new life arising from death.

How it works:

When purchasing Bios Urn you will receive everything you need for planting your tree. The urn is divided into two separate capsules: the upper capsule is a sealed unit to ensure the good condition of the seed until it begins to sprout and the lower capsule is where you will store the ashes. Both compartments are kept completely separate until the urn itself biodegrades. The urn comes in a single box.

bio urns

1. The urn comes assembled and ready to be taken to the place chosen for the regeneration.
2. Remove the seal and the outer packaging of the urn.
3. Put the ashes in the urn’s lower part. Close it with the top part, fill with local soil and plant the seed in it.
4. Bury the urn in fertile soil so its top is level with the soil surface and water it.
5. In a few days, the seed will germinate and your tree will begin to grow.
6. The tree will continue to grow year after year.



1. Does the Bios Urn consist of any materials that should not be buried in the soil?

No, the Bios Urn is 100% biodegradable.

2. Does the Bios Urn Expire?

This product can be stored for years without a decrease in functionality. Thanks to the materials with which it is designed, it stores well. It does not have any specific expiry and can last for years without any issues as long as the urn is stored in a relatively cool environment not exceeding temperatures of 90°F or relative humidities of 60 percent or greater, which can lead to a rapid decline in seed germinability and vigor.

3. Can I still keep some ashes for myself?

Yes, you do not need to place the entire contents of the ashes you receive from the crematorium in the urn and we recommend not exceeding the ash level as required.


4. How much ash does the urn hold?

The urn holds roughly 5 pounds of ash.

5. Won’t the ash prevent the tree from growing?

The ash and seed will not be mixed together at planting. Ash has always been good for soil and the potassium in it can actually encourage the growth of many flowers, plants, and trees as well as help resist disease. The amount of ashes to be placed in the urn will not upset the delicate nutrient balance required for growth of the plants. As a general rule, you can safely spread 20 pounds of ash per thousand square feet of garden.

6. Is it legal to bury the urn anywhere?

Please check with local authorities, but typically the urn can be planted wherever it is legal to plant a tree, including your backyard.


7. Is this an environmentally-friendly choice for my loved one?

The total carbon footprint favors cremation/tree planting since each tree purifies the air many times to make up for use during the lifetime of the interred. There are also bio- and eco-cremation methods which can be pursued via funeral homes that are more environmentally friendly. Some of these methods involve cremation by Alkaline Hydrolysis which reduces natural gas usage, electricity, and carbon dioxide by very large margins.

8. Do you have a version available for pets?

Yes. Currently, there are Bios Urns manufactured for both people and pets. It is essentially the same product and universal, in the sense that it has the same shape, color, and price. The only differences are packaging and labelling, to aid in identifying the product.

“Let’s convert cemeteries into forests” – Bio Urn