5 Gravity-Driven Bodyweight Exercises You Need to Master for 2015

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

pull-up in nature

Personal Trainers Brendan Fox and Chris Campbell have come up with a great workout that you can do just about anywhere. The workout requires minimal kit, no music and there are no complicated moves. These exercises are suitable for beginners but can be progressed to something a bit harder as you get fitter.

What do you need? Just your body weight and the force of gravity. Providing there is no reason why you shouldn’t exercise (check with a Personal Trainer if you are concerned) the following can be done by anyone who fancies getting a bit fitter in 2015.

1. Squats With/Without Box

This is a good place to start but to make sure your form is good (and that you don’t bend your back over) try this; feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees and your hips and push your buttocks down as if to sit on a chair (it’s a good idea to have a chair behind you – it gives you something to aim for.) Go for 20 reps and if it’s too easy, you might want to give one-legged squats a go.


2. The Simplest Way to Achieve Your First Pull-Up Ever

Any good workout program incorporates pulling motions, which work wonders for the back and arms. Because standard pull-ups can be very difficult for beginners, try the following method.

How To Do Your First Pullup! (Then 8 more!)

With your hands a little wider than shoulder-width apart, step up on a chair until your chin is even with the pull-up bar. Then step off the chair, and resist gravity’s effects to lengthen the decline as long as possible. Repeat in sets of three to six.

3. Bowing to Buddha

Invented by Brendan Fox is one to do if you sit at your desk all day (your office colleagues might be a bit puzzled!).

Bowing to Buddha Exercise

Just get onto all fours and press your arms onto the floor. Lift one leg up behind you (keeping it as straight as possible) then raise your torso up to a vertical position (mind you don’t overbalance), slowly lower. Complete all reps of 15 on one side before moving to the other.

4. 50+ Plank Variations

Always a good staple, on your forearms and be careful to keep your back straight and your core engaged. Attempt six to 12 planks of 10-second durations, separated by short breaks. If you’ve already mastered the basic form, try something new.

50+ Plank Variations to Help Shred, Sculpt, & Strengthen Your Core!

5. Do Push-Ups (Even If You Can’t Do One Now)

Perform on your knees to begin with and progress to doing on toes. Always breathe out on the exertion and get your chest down as low as you can. Don’t forget to keep your core strong throughout the movement.

How To Do Push Ups (Even If You Can't Do One Now)

(H/T: The National Post)