They Were Told That Their Newborn Baby Had Died…What Happens Next Is Nothing Short of a Miracle!

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

baby comes back to life

When Kate and David found out they were having twins they were thrilled.

They’d been trying to conceive for three years. But at 26 weeks, Kate went into early labor.

When the twins were born, there was immediate tension in the hospital room. Kate and David didn’t know why. Then the doctor asked Kate if she’d chosen a name for the boy. She said yes, his name would be Jamie. The doctor then told her that Jamie didn’t make it.


Kate and David couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Immediately she took the baby and held him in her arms, giving him her body heat. They were told that the baby had a sister named Emily and to please look out for her. All the while they were crying their eyes out.

Then, Jamie, unbelievably, started to move! Watch the video to find out how Kate saved her baby son’s life by cocooning him with her own body heat, all that was needed to revive the tiny infant back to life.