11 Worst Arthritis Pain Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

by DailyHealthPost Editorial

arthritis pain

11 Arthritis Pain Mistakes

For all of these reasons and more, taking care of your joints will go a long way in preventing future pain and discomfort. If you’re at risk for arthritis or if you have the condition, avoid the following arthritis pain mistakes.


1. Avoiding Exercise

Exercise may be the least appealing thing when your joints ache, but it really will help you feel better to get moving (6).


Working out has countless physiological and psychological benefits, including lubrication of the joints and decreased depression symptoms (7,8).

Supervised strength training, in particular, is beneficial for arthritis patients as it promotes muscle growth and supports the stability of joints (9).

For those times when you may be hurting too much to get to the gym, a simple walk would be infinitely better than remaining sedentary.


2. Avoiding Doctor’s Appointments

Whether it’s waiting too long for an official diagnosis or not wanting to bother your doctor, regular exams and treatments can make all the difference in your quality of life.

Your doctor can prescribe medication or recommend lifestyle changes that can ease arthritis pain and slow the progression of certain types of arthritis.


Even if you manage your pain well, it’s just as important to see your doctor regularly.

It’s even more important for your doctor to confirm the right diagnosis, as each kind of arthritis has its own optimal treatment regimen.