Arsenic Found in Rice, FDA Says Not To Worry?

by DailyHealthPost

A few days ago, the FDA released results of its tests for arsenic in rice and rice products. The conclusion of this study was basically that “agency scientists determined that the amount of detectable arsenic is too low in the rice and rice product samples to cause any immediate or short-term adverse health effects.”

But most of you probably already knew this. Otherwise we would be seeing people drop dead from just eating rice and that isn’t the case. The real issue at hand is whether or not constant exposure to tiny amounts of arsenic can lead to any health risks. (This hasn’t been covered yet so you’ll have to wait!)

All we do know for the moment is that arsenic is classified as a carcinogen and that it can cause cancer when taken in high quantities.

FDA Fails To Reassure Population

In her article, FDA’s Reassurance On Arsenic In Rice Not So Reassuring, Rachel Zimmerman wrote the following statement:

“When I read the updated FDA material… it became clear that we should still be concerned about arsenic in our rice.” In fact, even the FDA recommends diversifying grains in your diet in order to limit exposure to arsenic and to give the body enough time to remove the toxin.

Arsenic Is More Present In People Who Don’t Sweat

Most people don’t know this but arsenic tends to pile up in our skin. And the primary method used by your body to remove toxins from the skin is sweating. That’s why experts often recommend exercising or going to the sauna as a way to help your body detoxify.



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